Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Peek Into My Style : Polyvore Edition

A Peek Into My Style

Today Sunshines we have something different from beauty and lifestyle that I usually post over here!It's something that I had in mind almost since I started this blog but wasn't sure how exactly to incorporate it and even if it does fit at all with my ''niche''!I'm definitely not a fashion blogger and I don't think that you will see posts and photos of me wearing and styling clothes soon.I tried it (all evidence are destroyed) and felt awkward!I do love though clothes and putting things together so I decided to give ''fashion'' posts a try again but with my own twist...

She is the poem

Years ago, before even try out blogging I started using the site Polyvore as a way to be creative and an outlet from everything around me!I used to had a different account from the one that I use right now, which just found it and says that I created it 6 years ago!This is totally crazy!!

But let's be honest, I didn't have an idea what I was doing, how to use the whole site properly and didn't have that kind of expectation from myself!I guess we never know what to do when we are starting something new!

Brunch is always a good idea

Fast forward some years, kind of distracted from life, not in touch at all with the site, I felt low once again.Felt like I was at the bottom and had no idea me or people around me at that moment what to do to help me.
One day, out of nowhere, Polyvore pop into my head and I knew that this was exactly what I needed...get online and be creative!Still to this day, while I create the sets, those images above, my mind seems to empty from anything else.
Let me tell you that this feeling is the best and for me personally hard to achieve it!

What is coming

This is how I get slowly into blogging as well!As funny as it sounds, slowly I start to fill the descriptions of the sets with random thoughts!Some days something related to the quote that I used, thoughts of that specific day and in general whatever I had in my mind I write it down there, like a form of diary!
Until that point, I didn't realize how much I enjoy writing and helpful can be for me mentally!
What I had in mind, which I laugh now when I'm thinking about it, was to grow my account there so when my blog will be up and running I wouldn't need to start from zero because I would already have some readers from Polyvore.
(Didn't work that way at all even nowadays but that's okay, I slowly accepted it haha)

There is a form of a community over there and people was and still is super kind with whatever I create!I met some amazing people over the years and every single day blows my mind the amount of talent there is out there in the world!

You just need a break

If you're still with me, still reading, you will probably wonder why on earth I'm even telling you all this and if there is gonna be a conclusion!
Yep, yep, there is...

Since it is a part of me I want to include somehow those sets on the blog as well!So far there was a little thingy in my sidebar with some of my latest sets but I don't think that really catch your eyes or you got what exactly it was!

From now on there will be a page, just for my sets so you can find them easily in case you are interested!You are able to just scroll through them and get inspired hopefully!Also if you really like something either a piece of clothing or any of the items around it,you're able to click on them, visit the site and see more details about them, other similar items and more styling ideas!

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about that idea, if you like it and maybe if you have an even better one of how to organize this whole thing!
Which of the outfits did you like the most? ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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