Friday, January 23, 2015

Review : Professional Liquid Eyeliner by KORRES

liquid eyeliner korres bubblybeauty
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In my yesterday's post i show you what's in my makeup bag and one of the products that was my favorite eyeliner , the Professional Liquid Eyeliner by KORRES .I use it for so long time that i don't even remember,actually from the first time that came out.I remember that i was looking for eyeliner,i wanted one which will be dark black,stay for all day and can apply it easily.Especially the last one,i guess that we all know how important can be.So i always like to check out the new products and KORRES,i admit it it's a brand that i really like and it's easy to find where i live,so when this eyeliner came out i gave it a try.

It was a love at the first sight!

liquid eyeliner korres bubblybeauty

According to the company 

''Liquid eyeliner for exceptionally long-wearing, flawless, intense black eye definition and lining. Easy to control, allowing precise, smudge-resistant application that dries quickly without fading.''

I can't agree more.It was one of the first eyeliners that i use and i find it very easy to apply and also very precise although the tip of the eyeliner looks kind of big.I like it because stay all day without fading or smudge in the outer corner of my eye.Also,because it dries quickly doesn't create this black line in the crease of your eye.I don't know about you but with other eyeliners happen all the time.At the other hand this doesn't mean that if you make a mistake you can't fix it.

This happen a lot,almost every time.I just did a beautiul eye makeup,eyeshadows look so good and it's time for the eyeliner.And this is the end of my eye makeup,you know as usual the one line is bigger than the other.Using this eyeliner i see that with a q-tip i can fix the mistake without ruin everything.And this for me it's kind of impressing.

liquid eyeliner korres bubblybeautyliquid eyeliner korres bubblybeauty

Do you ever try this eyeliner?What is your favorite?I will be really happy to read all your opinions in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
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  1. Great review, this sounds like a really good eyeliner! x

    The Belle Narrative

  2. This is great on you. My fav is one by essence. It only cost a couple of pounds and has lasted me months!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you !I will check it out...i think that i saw it somewhere again lately and the reviews was really good ^_^


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