Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Goals for 2018 | Am I too late to the party?

We are currently almost at the end of February and look at me, finally deciding to write my goals for 2018!I hesitated a lot whether I should do the effort, write this post and share it with all of you or was too late and I should just move on with my ''normal'' content!The truth is that I had a plan in my head about the goals I wanted to set this year but I didn't have the time to properly sit down and write them.Or to be more honest with you and me couldn't find the motivation!As the days were passing along stress made its appearance.Stressed and panicked that I will never be able to share this post and better stop thinking about it as it isn't the first week of the new year anymore...

I'm one of those people that consider January a fresh start and the perfect time to achieve everything I want.Of course, this is a mind thing, which I'm perfectly okay with since it gives us a boost of motivation.In reality, you can set goals, work hard to achieve them, go after your dreams any day of the year, no matter the month.

With that being said, January wasn't that great for me mentally.Thoughts, which better not discuss right now if I want this post to go live at some point, made me feel nauseous and sick.Like most of us, i guess I have my fair share of sad moments and feeling down and stressed.Usually, sooner or later I deal with it or those emotions do their cycle and go away.This time was/is different, felt/feel like I'm trapped in a deep hole with no way out.And if there is one thing that I hate the most is feeling trapped somewhere.As you may notice I couldn't decide which sense to use because I'm not sure if this whole situation is over yet...

Probably it isn't.Probably I'm still deep in this hole practicing the saying ''fake it till you make it''
So for anyone asking, I'm here trying to trick my own mind that everything is okay, will be even better in the future and in general everything is under control.

Instead of just laying around moaning that I don't have time for anything decided that it is about time to set a plan, create routines and hope for the best.

Here is the plan and feel free to follow me along...
~Set up small realistic goals, not necessarily where you eventually want to be, just the steps in the middle.
~Plan them through your days weekly.Make time for them.
~Track them weekly or monthly, whatever suits best to you.

Personal Goals
Start reading again ~ I used to love it but now I don't even remember when it was the last time I read a book.Actually, it was during summer but didn't even finish it so that says a lot.
Any suggestions will be welcome and also from where do you buy them online as I can't find that many in English where I live.

Set a schedule and stick to that ~ I like to go with the flow, to be honest, but maybe this is the reason that I feel kinda lost and out of track.

Focus on things that need to get done and procrastinate less ~ I already started writing down in my planner things that I need to do and setting a specific schedule, which probably will help with the first part!For the second one tell me your tips guys because the situation goes from worse to worst!!

Keep myself in gym and hydrate ~ Yep, it's true, I did it!ISince the second week of January I started going to the gym and so far it goes really well.I kinda enjoy it and I already see lil improvements mentally.On the other hand, I wonder how I never dehydrated before in my life so far (probably because of the amount of coffee) as I barely drink water.

Blog Goals
Be Consistent ~ This is a big one for me!I know that this is where the problem lays.I post here and there and that's annoying.I really hope to be able to change that not only on here but on Instagram as well.

Write Better Content ~ I guess this is an all-time goal but I want to change things a little.Add some structure to the topics I write about and show more my personality.I have some ideas in mind but we will see how they will turn out.

Comment On Blogs ~ I can't even tell you how bad I'm on this.I have in mind to start commenting on 5 posts per day which are not much but it's much better than nothing.

Participate Again In Twitter Chats ~ Are they still a thing?I hope so!I joined one a while ago after a long time and reminded me how much I used to love them.I always feel inspired and motivated afterward.

What're your goals for 2018?Did you set them yet?

Keep Smile :)

xx Aphrodite

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