Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to get flawless,glowing face for spring

It's officially spring and I can't even tell you how excited I am!The days are getting longer and warmer, what's better than this!Changes in the weather though, especially on temperature, means that ecxept of my mood, my skin is affected too!It's this transitioning time of the year, where I don't need something extra heavy on my face like I do during winter but I still want my coverage with some extra glow on it!I do this same base routine for a while now and I love the results so why not share it with you!

Primer ~ I currently use the Lumi Magique Primer by L'oreal, not so much as a primer to make my makeup last longer but more as a highlighter!I think that even though it's a primer I didn't see so far much results on this department!It gives though a really nice natural glow, which seems like it comes from within!I apply it under the foundation but you can mix them together too if you want to use another primer first!

Foundation ~ I reunited again with the Infallible 24h foundation by L'oreal and I can honestly tell you that I missed it so much!If you keep up with my posts here and there you probably already know how much I used to love the matte version of this foundation!Unfortunately something seems to change on my skin, became dryer so it started looking quite patsy!I went back to the original, which gives full coverage, keeps the skin moisturized and leave it looking all dewy and healthy!I'm in the shade 200 Golden Sand, in case you wonder!

Consealer ~ I choose to apply it after foundation because that way I can see whether I need it or not!Currently my skin doesn't have much imperfections like pimples but most of the times I still need it for the under my eyes area (the results of having bad sleeping habits)!I'm not that picky with concealers and for the longest time now I use the Wake Me Up Concealer by Rimmel!As the name says, it helps you look more awake!I like that it's light enough to brighten this area but yet doens't look like you have those white cycles around your eyes!

Powder ~ Recently I start using the KichAss Pressed Powder by Soap and Glory and wonder what I was waiting for so long!I bought it long time ago and for some reason I didn't use it!I lost though the one that I was actually used (classic me!) so I didn't really have much choises!I love it!It's light, doesn't make the face looks cackey at all and helps with the oiliness a lot!Also the fact that it's translucent (without color) it's perfect for this season as the sun is out so hopefully we will start getting some bronze color!

Contour / Bronze / Blush : Yep, I do all those steps with just one product or actually a palette!So happy that I picked up the Cheeckathon Palette by Benefit last Christmas!I think that you can't find it around anymore as it was part of their holiday's collection!Keep an eye out for something similar though because they launch sets like that every year!
I use the Hoola and a little bit of  Dallas for more intensity and with the brush, I draw a line, not too long, where I want my contour to be!Personally I do it close to my ears, exactly under the bone, if that makes sence at all!It seems hard at that point but the products are so easy to blend so there is no problem at all!
The only ''shade'' that i don't use much it's the Coralista!I prefer more pinkish blush so Dandelion and Rochateur are just perfect for me!

Highlighter : I talked again about this product before but the more I use it the more I love it!If you prefer something intense maybe this is not for you!I talk about the Master Strobing Stick by Maybelline, a beautiful creamy champagne colored highlighter!When i apply it i can't really see that it's there but surprisingly all the others do and always always always get comments about it and ask me what i used!I like the fact that it's stick as you can easily apply and blend it just by using your fingers!I apply it on the top of my cheeckbones, on the tip of my nose and a little bit on my lips!

What's your base routine at the moment?I will love to hear all about your favorite products in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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