Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Runway Rogue : Review & Swatches

If there is one makeup product,which all women probably have in their collections is the lipstick!Either you prefer natural makeup looks or more dramatic ones,lipsticks has the power to transform them,set your mood for the day and overall tie the whole look together.During summer,as anything else pretty much melt on my face ,bright lipsticks are my go to option!When Runway Rogue asked me if i want to try their lip products ofcourse my answer was yes...

Runway Rogue is a new cosmetic brand founded by the 90's supermodel,Patricia Hartmann!In their site you can find various lip products,lipsticks,lip glosses and lip liners,in different shades and finishes.What makes them unique in my opinion is their ingredients,which are super friendly to your lips!They use different oils and vitamins in order to achieve natural hydration.Also,the fact this hat they're cruelty free,paraben free and in general free from any nasty ingredients,make them the best choice for your lips!

All those things in theory though!After trying out one of their lipsticks and lip liners,quite for a long time now (maybe you remember my insta stories about them),here are my thoughts...

Stilettos: The perfect orange shade for me personally,with warm and red undertones!

Finish ~ After wearing matte lipsticks for the longest time,its satin finish was a pleasant break and relief for my lips!The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

Duration ~ I will say it's a long lasting one!Fade slowly though with food and drinks but without creating this dry outline.Even when it's not there anymore,there is still a tint left behind.Stay in place and doesn't smudge around.

Price tag ~ I will be honest,i found it quite high for a lipstick!But maybe it's normal considering the fact that they are enriched with lots of beneficial oils and free from parabens and nasty ingredients.

Packaging ~ I'm really impressed with it!You can't really tell by the photos but it's heavy and all around magnetic.This make it bag friendly,as there is no way to open!Also it will collect all the coins from the bottom of your bag,because they will stick on the tube.

Negative ~ I think that the oils on it  plus the high temperatures where i live  make the lipstick  pretty soft!It doesn't affect how it looks as you can tell by the photos or  the application on the lips,just makes me worry that it will break,which didn't happen so far so that's weird!At the moment,it lives on the fridge and it's okay!

Sexy : As the site describes it,we're talking about a lip pencil in  true red shade!
I don't really use lip pencils,but if there is one shade that you need in your collection is a red one.It is such a powerful color so it needs to be applied precisely.

~ Long lasting!Even when the lipstick fade out,the lips will stay lined.
~ It's matte but still creamy, so it's easy to apply and line your lips with.
~ Doesn't smudge around even when you overline the lips.

Did you ever try any Runway Rogue 's lip products?What's your go to lip shade at the moment? ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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