Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Tips For More Energy

how to have more energy bubblybeauty135

Hello Everyone ^_^
How are you?
All of us have some days that we feel tired,sleepy and the only thing that we want to do is go to bed and be all cozy and warm.But insteed of that we have to be outside and run errands or we have to work.

For these days i have for you some tips and tricks which will help you to survive :

1 .  Drink coffee in slow motion
5 tips for more energy

When we are tired the most of the times we want to drink in 3 minutes a huge cup of coffee to wake up.But if you want to stay awake try to be patient and drink a little bit of it during the day.The results of some researches show that this trick can keep you awake for 28h ! (too many if you ask me but even much less for me will be ok! )

2 .  Scent of lemon

5 tips for more energy

A citrus scented hand cream will help you during the day.These types of scents like lemon and orange help us to feel more energetic because help us to increase more hormon which control the energy in our bodies.

3 .  Eat ''good'' carbs

5 tips for more energy

Cereals,like whole grain rice and bread it's ''good'' crabs which help your body fill up with evergy and make your brain works better.In the other hand,simple and white carbs like those inside the sweets,the white bread and the pasta make you feel energetic for a little but very soon you will feel tired again.

4 .  5 Minutes of laughing

5 tips for more energy

A funny video,maybe sounds silly , but can increase the levels of energy in your body.Laughing , real laughing make you breath faster so more oxygen for your body which make you feel more energetic

5 . Move your body

5 tips for more energy

Stand up from your chair or your bed and just move a little bit.A small walk,a ride with your bike , even dance can increase the levels of your energy.Exercise frequently improve the quality of your sleep so when you find your way to bed will make you sleep deep and wake up more relax and ready for your day.

I hope that these tricks will help you the next time that you are tired!

REMEMBER ; Nothing can replace the sleep.It's important for our body and mind and we should try to sleep everyday at least 8h.Those tricks are for those busy days that we can't sleep enough and we have things which need to be done.

Will you try any of those tricks?I will be more than happy to read if you have any tip and trick to share with me :)

Keep smile ^_^
xx Aphrodite

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