Monday, June 15, 2015

Motivational Monday #14 : Tough Times

Motivational Monday #14 : Tough Times |
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

I was thinking about this topic for a while now,but i didn't know what exactly to write about it so i said that i will just start to writing and i will see how it will go.So this is a post about tough times.Who doesn't ever have some of those.Maybe you are heartbroken,maybe you lost someone,maybe it's something about work,health of whatever.Each one of us been there and everything seems black but i promise you that things get better and brighter.

Motivational Monday #14 : Tough Times |

Maybe right now it's difficult to see it but when you get through something bad and tough,it's like something inside you change.Change the way that you think about some things,and sometimes this change can be bad or good.I have seen a lot of people,who get though something bad,afterwards became a so different person,but in the bad way.And they used as excuse that a lot of bad things happen to them.My personal opinion is that it's good to turn all those bad experiences into something which will make us even better people,stronger and just realize how much better as personalities can be.

Motivational Monday #14 : Tough Times |

Now everything is bad,dark and you feel like this is how your life gonna be.But i promise you that this will never happen.Because every single time after the rain come the rainbow and nothing (or almost nothing) last forever.Also keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.I believe that 100%,because maybe without hard times we will never be able to realize some things,how really are and maybe those hard times lead us to our best ones.And in the end in our best decisions that we ever made.

Motivational Monday #14 : Tough Times |

It's good to forgive,for sure super hard but definitely feels good when we do that.It's something that i guess doesn't happen over night,it took time but deserve it.Not only for the other person,but for us too.I think that it's something which help us take the next step and move forward and leave the pain behind us.So i believe that what we need to do is to leave pain and hate our of lives but keep close to us what we learn for all those bad situations.Like reminders for later.

Motivational Monday #14 : Tough Times |

You can't see it right now,but later all this will be a memory,maybe not the happiest one but for sure a memory which taught us a lot and make us stronger as a person.I couldn't believe it either that i will be able to look back and some things will not be painful anymore.But it happens,and i try to keep in my mind only the good things and the happy moments ! 

How you deal your tough moments?Let me know in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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  1. Hey Afrodite my dear :)

    Gosh, it has been a while since I have read one of your motivational monday posts, and I forgot how much they make me smile! I don't know where you find such beautiful quotes, but they are truly fantastic ;). I have one to add to the bunch too, one I have been thinking about a lot recently, because it works for both good times and bad times, and reminds you to enjoy what you have got:

    'This too shall pass.'

    It is extremely simple, but so powerful!

    Much love to you and luck too ;)

    xX Zoe |

  2. I never heard of this again ! But i really like it...I like the simplicity of this phrase ^_^


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