Sunday, March 19, 2017

What I Learned From Not Wearing Makeup

It's one thing to say it and a whole another to actually do it and just walk out there in public without makeup!I don't remember ever having a real problem with my skin and how it looks (well, except my teen year where it acted out a little but that's normal)!Ofcourse it has some imperfections always had and I think always will! I do love makeup and I use to do my face everytime that I go out!This is how people get used to seeing me too!Although one morning, when I was still working, woke up late and I didn't have any time to make myself look presentable, not even 5 minutes!After that ''no makeup'' day a lot more followed and still to that day almost half days of the week you will find me with no makeup!Here is what I learned from that experience...

1. The first time is always the hardest
I was a little nervous and uncomfortable that first morning when I walk in my work with no makeup but after that, I didn't even think about it!At that point, I want to mention that I used to work in a shop with sweets in service so that means that a lot of people was about to see my bare face that day!
But let's talk about the reactions because this is what we all think and scare about right?
The people that I worked with, included my bosses didn't say much about it!It seemed weird to them because they never saw me before without makeup, they asked if everything was okay and that was all basically!When I talked with the first customers of that day, I'm not gonna lie, I felt weird and not confident at all!I talked quieter than normal and it was really obvious that I was kind of off and not really myself!But as the day went by I started to feel better and I almost forgot about it!

2. It's how we see and feel about ourselves and not others
As I told you I didn't receive any bad comments or something about my naked face!People treated me as they used to be!It was me and the image that I  had in my head about me with makeup and me without it!I made myself feel nervous and so uncomfortable in my own skin...literally!
I came back home that day, I looked myself in the mirror and guess what, I was okay!Everything was in place and I was looking good!That was the moment that I told to myself that I worked hard in my confidence and even if makeup is fun I can still be me without it!

3. My skin was/is thankful for those makeup breaks
I decided not wear makeup until the day that I would be confident again without it ad my skin couldn't be more thankful!After some days was a lot more clear, healthy and glowy!And how not to could finally breathe again and took its time to absorb the moisture of my morning cream!

4. Mornings got faster and stress-free
I finally managed to have some time during mornings and be on time!I love sleeping in maybe a little too much than I should so take advantage of that extra time!

5. More time for taking care my skin
Who could imagine the miracles that the morning skincare routine can make!Now that I had some more time in my hands I could actually sit down and wash my face properly and use my soaps and cremes and really show some love in my skin!Before, I just applied as quick as possible the cream on my face and then on top the foundation without giving to the skin the time to process one step to another!

Those days made me realize what a big role makeup plays in my life and how much different in a good way, it makes me feel!At the same time, they taught me that nobody really cares if you have a face full of makeup or a bare one!It's just in our mind and what we think about ourselves!
I think that I will keep wearing makeup as it is something that I really love and enjoy but if one day I'll not feeling it, I will not think about it twice and I'll just walk out of the home with my head up!

How do you feel with your makeup on and without it?Do you feel the same confident in both situations?I will love to read all your opinions in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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