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Dress Your Imperfections ~ What To Wear According To Your Body Type

And this my friends is the story of my life!Every time that I need to get dressed is a struggle!I don't really know what works with my body and what is considered appropriate outfit!I guess I'm not the only one that has a closet full of clothes but always somehow ends up wearing the same outfits over and over again since those are already tested and seems that I look okay in them!It wasn't an easy process to create them!I thought about the colors that will look good with my skin color and of course the most important to hide all those little imperfections that my body has...

During winter the process of finding an outfit is so much easier!Almost every inch of our body is covered with clothes and most of the times with more than one layer!Isn't that great?
But how about the summer?Every year around May I start panicking about how I will even start wearing again tank tops and shorts!Lucky you who live in places where you still have quite colder summers!Leaving in Greece, unfortunately, means that you don't have many options since hot days start so much earlier than the summer months!

For the past 5 years, I worked during summer which means that I didn't have much time to go for swimming or any other social activity!Those few times that happened to go out with friends I usually wear long jeans and tops, as it was easier for me since that was the outfit that I wore to work as well!
This year things changed!I recently became single, I'm going out so much more often and I hang out with a new group of girls who let me tell you that they have bodies to die for!Adding the fact that I gained quite a lot of weight can you tell why I had a small confidence crisis!!

I still remember the first time that they saw me with shorts!One of the girls commented ''umm isn't this quite too short?!''.It was the pair of shorts that you see on the photos!She didn't mean to say it in a bad, negative way by any mean but that night I kept thinking about it!Maybe she was right!Maybe it is too short, too short for my body, for my legs!
And what about my arms?How I will cover them?How I will cover my entire body, during hot summer days and at the same time I will be able to have fun and look cool without fainting from the high temperatures!

The answer to all those questions is that there is no reason to torture yourself because in case you don't notice it we are talking about torture over here!I regret it that I made myself feel bad about how I look, worrying what others will think about me and try so hard to hide my own body!
It's obvious that I don't look like a model but what's even wrong with that!Do you know that no matter what you do not all bodies meant to be ''model type''?!It's all about the way each one of different bodies is made!Even back in my early days, when I had so much less weight, to the point that I didn't have the option to lose not even a little bit more, trust me that even then I didn't look like a model!

I let other's opinion get in my head and make me think that I can't wear a certain type of clothes or styles!That's not true, because as crazy as it sounds I'm not that self-conscious about my least not anymore!
What made me really mad about myself is that for a couple of days I felt like I went back in time, when I was in school!That was the last time that I felt so miserable and angry about myself and how I look!I thought my looks was the reason for all my ''problems''!Guess what?I lost all my extra weight and...nothing changed!The problem with not having enough friends, boyfriends or social life in general during school was that I was such an introvert and shy to talk to others!I was hiding behind my weights, fool myself that this was what kept me away from others instead of just let my personality shine!

My mum always used to say that clothes are just pieces of fabrics!They can't really hide what's underneath them!By her, it's silly that we supposed to wear blacks for example in order to look thinner!Maybe they create an illusion but in reality, no matter the color, we cover the same area of our body, which is a certain way no matter if we will wear black, pink, yellow or whatever another color!Not sure if this logic can make sense the way that I write it!I hope so!
It really hurts my heart when I see so many beautiful women.both inside out. feel bad for their bodies and holding themselves back from going out, meet new people, have fun and just being the truly amazing human beings that already are!I know really well that it's one thing to say be body confident and a whole another thing to actually do it and embrace it!But girls it's all in our minds!You may are ''overweight'',''normal'' or ''skinny'' but this doesn't define who you are!Clothes, on the other hand, can be a way to express yourself!So why to add even more limits on ourselves, especially to something which supposed to be fun!Let's make it our goal to play more with colors, prints, styles and of course length of skirts, pants, tops!

In the end of the day,  it's our body and nobody can tell us what we will do with it or how we will ''decorate'' it! Imagine somebody gets in your house and without asking start pointing out things that dislike or ''improvements'' that need to get done!I want to believe that this is something that you wouldn't accept!
Our body is our cliche as this sounded you know it's true!
I know that I gain weight because I'm the one who ate whatever I had in front of me and more of the times junks!Honestly, I didn't really care, I just didn't stress about it!Now I want to lose some weight and that's pretty okay as well!It doesn't mean that I don't love my body or that I'm not confident enough!
Because I love it, I'm able to decide what I want to do with it at certain periods of my life without caring about what others think!

My point is that YOU DO YOU!It's YOUR body and you should be proud of it no matter the size!We all have imperfections and those are what make us unique and adorable as individuals!Have fun my girls without thinking about minor things like that and wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable!
Life is too short and when a day goes by we can't bring it back and redo it differently!

*Thank you Dia&Co  for the idea of this post!All opinions are my own.

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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