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Colourpop Haul #2 & Swatches

When there is a free shipping offer on Colourpop or at any site with makeup products for that matter is hard to resist!At the time I did my first Colourpop haul, back in October, I remember that you needed to hang up there, waiting for similar offers for quite a long period of time!Now, luckily for all of us who live outside of the U.S, there is that kind of offers on the site all the time and of course their standard free shipping for over $50, which is always there!
So,we can enjoy their lovely products guilty free!I'm not sure that my bank account agrees much with that logic but whatever, I did it anyway and here is what I picked up this time...

The plan was that this time I would try to step out my comfort zone when it comes to the shades and tried new categories of products in order to have a more sferic opinion about the brand!Not sure if I did that good of a job in that last department!The only ''new'' product that I picked up was the highlighter which to be honest was a new one for me in general!Yep, I'm this kind of beauty blogger who didn't try before a highlighter in a powder consistency!I tried to avoid them so far and sticked to my creamy ones because I think that it's kind of too dramatic for me and for others around me!But you know what, I went for it,don't regret it even though that it came broken...To be fair, it was a long journey that it has made!

As i did in my first haul, I picked up 3 more Super Shock Shadows!
This time I didn't search much around for swatches!I knew that I wanted something bold and colorful so if the descriptions on the site clicked on me I added them to my cart! (wish to be able to give home in all of those which I had in my cart but oh well...)

Also i wanted to try out their highlighters as i seen many people like them!I didn't expect having that many options and get a little confused to be honest!As i said above, sadly it came broken!I don't think that it's their fault because the products always arrive super well packaged!

Luckfully ~ We kind of connect them in our minds the blue shadow with our early teens, when we start to experiment with makeup!At least, I personally did!But this shadow change my mind!It's a dark blue shade with light blue shimmers on it, which sometimes when the light hits, they make the shadow looks lighter than it is!I found the consistency quite different than the others, kinda more powdery and less bouncy, as they are usually!Also, you need to built it up if you want this vibrant blue color on your eyes!

Paradox ~ I'm so in love with this redish cranberry shade!It's matte, so pigmented, easy to work with and in contrast with the previous shadow,it has this kinda buttery cosistency that most of the Colourpop shadows have!To me, it seems like the matte version of the shade Drift that i show you in my previous haul post!

Telepathy ~ What to even say about this shade!To be honest, I didn't try it yet on my eyes, like in a proper look but I guess it will look nice (i hope)!It's super soft and you just need a little bit as it's very pigment!It's in the Ultra Mettalic line which means that if the light hits your eyelids, trust me, everyone will see you!It doesn't look exactly like in the photo on the site!I will say it's a yellowish, with a little bit of green, gold shade (if this description makes sence at all)!The swatch actually above it's pretty accurate!So how will you describe it?

Smoke N Whistles ~ And here is the highlighter!A pinkish silver one, pretty buttery and lots of shimmery!Again I didn't give it a proper go, like going out, see how it is on photos!I'm waiting to get ready for a night out because I feel that during daytime you can't really wear it!At least me, I find it a little bit too much!My birthday is on Saturday though so I will wear it then!In a day like that, a little more shimmer is more than appropriate!For sure I will keep you update for everything on Instagram!

Ofcourse it couldn't be a Colourpop haul without some lip products!I fell in love with the previous ones so i just needed more!
I picked up some from the same line again, the Lippie Stix, as i really liked them and because the other ones seems more glossy to me, maybe because of the packaging!

If you have any recommendations about other lip products I will love to know and maybe I will give them a go the next time!

In the photo with the swtches the shades look like pretty similar but in reality you can tell the diference!

Lumiere ~ You can't really tell from the photo above but this is a nudish, mauve pink shade!Most of the people i'm sure that they will not describe it as a nude shade but it is to me!I think that this is the lighter shade I can wear in a lipstick!On my lips and the swatches I did, was definitely darker from the photo that they have on the site!Also does it reminds you the shade Cami from the previous post?They are close enough but the Cami one is darker and more on the mauve side rather than Lumiere which is more pink!

Poppin ~ The perfect bright pink,fuchia shade for the summer!What I love the most about it is the fact that it hasn't cold undertones like most fuchia lip colors i see out there!In case you didn't notice i prefer my lipstciks to have warm tones and not be too bright and light like neon!So if you're like me, check it out!Especialy now, with the sunkissed skin it will look dreamy!

Cheers ~ If you're looking for a dark lip color but to be summery as well, you just found it!I wanted to be dark and deep but when I bought it, for some reason I thought that it will be a lot lighter!It's a deep raspberry shade (can you see a pattern in this haul?!), not too light, not too dark!This is the reason that i told you it's a dark shade for the summer because it's definitely not the one for vampy looks but at the same time, it's dark enough for a night out and coctails!

All of the lip products are matte!They are not dry on the lips but sometimes I like to use underneath some lip balm or just Vaseline!This helps them stay moisturized, as I noticed that even if they are okay when I take off any matte lipsticks they tend to be dry and tight!
Also no matter how smooth they are and easy to apply - which definitely are - they are matte aka show every little detail on the lips, so a lip balm underneath will help!

Almost forgot to mention about the brush!It was free at that time if you bought 2 or 3 eyeshadows, i'm not sure exactly!It's pretty soft but i'm not sure if i will use it especially with those eyeshadows because i personally think Colourpop shadows works much better if you use your finger and brush just for the blending!
Keep an eye out i you're interested in offers similar with this, with free products, as they are pretty often lately!

Did you ever try any product from Colourpop?What's your favorite one?
Also which of the above do you want the most to see featured in a makeup look? ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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