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Review & Swatches : KORRES Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow

review & swatches Korres volcanic minerals twist eyeshadow

Hello everyone ^_^
How are you?

It's been long time since last post and i'm sorry.
Today i want to talk about one of my favorite makeup products which i use every single day since i buy it.Let's talk about Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadows.It's absolutely amazing and i feel that it's one of these products that you can't find anything negative to say.When i was thinking about what to write in this post i said to myself that you can't write only goods...they should know some cons about the product.I couldn't find anything that i don't like about them.So let's get started with the products.

The Volcanic Mineral Eyeshadows are available in six shades but i have only four of them,those that you can see in the photo below.

review & swatches Korres volcanic minerals twist eyeshadow

These are creamy eyeshadows in stick form,very practical and easy to use even when you are in hurry.They have soft and rich texture,mettalic shine (trend for this fall/winter season ) and trust me,last for super long time.I have oily lids and last for all day long without need to reapply them.I use them all the time,either like that or like base for other powdery eyeshadows for long lasting eye makeup.In the base,in the colored part you can find also a sharpener.

review & swatches Korres volcanic minerals twist eyeshadow

A trick about those eyeshadows is that you can apply the color and don't blend it,don't do anything for a more intense and vibrant color or you can blend it out immediately after you apply it for a more soft look.

review & swatches Korres volcanic minerals twist eyeshaodw

And here is the swatches for the color that i have.Funny story behind this photo is that when i was done with the photo i want to take them off  but i couldn't...Maybe because i didn't let them stay in the skin for a while,i don't know...because in the eyes i don't have problem.Ofcourse in the end and after hard rubbing they came off...but was kind of funny.

Back in the subject and in the colors.The 11 Ivory is natural champagne color and the least shimmery.Very good for everyday and brightens up the eyes.The 68 Golden Pink is again a natural but darker color than Ivory.It's a dusty pink color with bronze/gold shimmers,maybe the description seems scary but it's not too much or too shimmery.Very good for everyday although that in my eyes doesn't look so good,i think that matches with the color of my skin and my face doesn't look so much awake.
The 29 Golden Bronze has exacttly the color of the name.Beauttiful for evening and night out.A basic color that everyone can use and everyone should have one in their vanity/makeup collection.
The 33Grey Brown is also a night time color.It's a grey brown color but with a purple hint inside,Very nice if you want to do a smokey eye makeup.
The two other colors that i don't have is the 46 Olive Green,a beautiful brown-ish khaki green color but i didn't buy it because i'm not so much into this colors.And the otther is the 98 Metallic Black which is the exactly the color of the name of the eyeshadow but i was afraid to buy it becaue it's very intense and vibrant and i was concerned that it was difficult to clean it.

It was a quite long post.Thank you if you read it all...You are awesome! ^_^

Do you try any of this color??Do you like it??
Do you buy any of this and which color will be??I will be more than happy to read all your opinions in the comments below...

Keep Smile
xx Aphrodite

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