Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Motivational Monday #4 : Dreams Into Plans

motivational inspirational quotes bubblybeauty135
Hello Lovies ^_^
How are you??

This is one of my favorite quote.It seems simple and easy to do and for me looks like the key for success and a happy life.Two things and i'm thinking a lot of lately and here is my thoughts...

motivational inspirational quotes bubblybeauty135

How many times we thought about that ''must'' and ''have to'' and we put so easily all of our wants aside.I don't know about you but i did that too many times.Sometimes we have to ( here is again ) because maybe thats the way to reach all the things that we want to.But let me tell you that my biggest fear lately it's that one day i will wake up and i will not like how my life is at all,because nothing will be the way that i like.

motivational inspirational quotes bubblybeauty135

There was days that i was sad because of the thought that nobody understand what i want and the most important that nobody was there to tell me that i should keep going and try until to achieve it.But then i stop because i realised that nobody will do that.People don't think the same way.You are the only person that can tell what make you happy,what is the job that you love and how do you like to spent your time.We should push ourselves in the way that we want,in the way that will make us happy and in the end of the day will make our hearts feel full.When you feel unmotivate try to help yourself and keep going.Try to find those things that will keep you focus in your goal.

motivational inspirational quotes bubblybeauty135

And do it now.This is the perfect time,the perfect day to start set goals and achieve all of your dreams.Now is the perfect time to be happy and smile ^_^

I can't wait to read all your opinions in the comments below and any subject recommendation for the next Monday or for another post like that will be more than welcome :)

Hope you like it
Keep Smile



  1. Very inspirational post! The quotes are amazing

    Hannie at // Chapters Like This //

  2. Hey! Cool post! Really motivational! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award. If you your intrested like seeing what it's all about then check out my most recent post! :) x



  3. I'm happy that you like it ! Thank you for the nomination..I will check it out for sure ^_^

  4. I'm really happy that you like them xoxo


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