Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Foundation Routine

my foundation routine bubblybeauty135
Hello Lovies ^_^
How was your day??

Excuse the photo please because i just realize that it doesn't look so good.But i guess that for now will do the work.So these are the products that i use every single day and it's basically my foundation routine.If you follow me on Instagram these are all that i have on my face.

5 Sec Perfect Blur Smoothing Perfecting Primer by Garnier : I love it.I bought it because it was cheap but i'm still impress with it.It does the work.Smooth out my skin,almost disappear my pores and even out my skin'n color.

Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline : I'm not wear always a concealer but lately i don't sleep so much so this come in handy.It's natural looking without create this lines under your eyes ( please tell me that this happens to you too and i'm not the only one ).

Infallible 24h Foundation by L'oreal : I fell in love with it all over again.My skin break out here and there lately and this foundation really help me to cover everything up.Making my face looking quite natural although it is full coverage and doesn't make it look kicky or dehydrated.

All In One Face Base by The Body Shop : If you read any other post in this blog ( not that you have to ) you probably know how much in love i'm with this product and you can read my full review on here

Glam Bronze Monos by L'oreal : I'm not so much into bronzer so i don't have a lot of expectations.I like it because it's matte without any shimmer and i'm really happy for that.It's natural in my face without looking too brown-ish. So for me these it's enough.

Expert Wear Blush by Maybelline : I couldn't find it online but the shade that i use it's the 75 Amber Rose and it's a pretty natural color with a hint of rosy color.Once again i like it because it doesn't have any shimmer and stay on for hours.

That is my foundation routine,all that i wear in the morning.

What products do you use in your foundation routine?What is your favorite?I will love to read all your comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. Always on the look out for a high street concealer. Definitely need it at the moment :( RW x

  2. I can feel you...Some mornings the concealer it's a must ^_^

  3. Aphrodite your blog is amazing! I was wondering if you could suggest me a blush with bronze color..I want to be prepared for summer, you know! ;)


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