Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Motivational...Tuesday : Thoughts About Love

Motivational...Tuesday : Thoughts About Love |
Hello Lovies ^_^
How are you??

This is a ''Motivational Monday'' post although it's not Monday.I'm sorry but i didn't have time to do it yesterday because if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter probably you will know that my bestie it's here.But i didn't want to skip it so here it is...

I feel that these days it's dedicate to love,because of the Valentines Day.Especially around the internet this kind of theme videos/blogposts it's everywhere.I don't know how i feel about this day.Ofcourse we should show our feelings all year around but it's a special day,something like holidays,one-day holidays.

Between those videos/blogposts i was thinking about love.Am i in love?Was in love before?I don't know...maybe...maybe not....
Now i don't think that im.I guess that it's a period that i focus more on myself and on things that i really enjoy ( yep,this blog *big smile here* ).

Also i was thinking about one quote which say something like ''people come and go...'' and i don't remember next.But what about the people who come and...stay.And i don't talk about the boyfriends who became husbands.I talk about boyfriends who became something else....I don't know yet what.I have made long long conversation with my friends about this or...him.

Motivational...Tuesday : Thoughts About Love |

I strongly believe that if we want someone in our lives and if he want to be in ours,there is no reason not to be.You supposed that you shared some feelings,some memories,some good moments with this person so there is no reason to go away,to stop talking.For me,i will not share exactly my personal story in this post because i don't know if you want to know.But if you do let me know in the comments and you will read it real soon,maybe in the next ''motivational monday'' or something.

Motivational...Tuesday : Thoughts About Love |

 This doesn't mean ofcourse that we should beg for love and attention.All we know people who do that and i really feel sad for them.What to do those feelings if the other person doesn't mean them.It's sounds a little bit cliche but i believe it,and i felt it in the past and i saw that it's right.First we should love ourselves and then the others...and then others will love us.Maybe single people should stop worry or be sad this Valentines day and be their own valentine,You can stay home and have a pamper night or go in the park for a walk or go for a walk near the sea or whatever love to do and you just have long time to do.Show love to yourself and you will see that you will not regret it.

Motivational...Tuesday : Thoughts About Love |

Stop worry about yourself or when you will find your significant other or anything else.You can choose to be happy and smile.Just do it....right now...smileee ^_^

What do you think about it?What is your plan for the V-day? ( I already have ready the products for my pamper night ) I will be more than happy to see all your opinions in the comments below <3

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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