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Motivational Monday #7 : Stress and Happiness

Motivational Monday #7 : Stress and Happiness | www.bubblybeauty135.com
Hello Sunshines ^_^

How are you??

I was looking through my blog for the number of this ''Motivational Monday'' post and i realize that i posted the last one about a month ago.This is kind of crazy because i was ready to tell you that i probably skip around 2 or something.

Anyway,today i decided to discuss a little about stress and how this can affect our lives and especially our happiness.I don't talk a lot about these but there are times that i really stressed out about different things.And probably the reason that i don't talk a lot about this,it's because the most of the times i look like calm or insensitive but the truth is that sometimes i don't really want to talk about the things that stress me out.

Motivational Monday #7 : Stress and Happiness | www.bubblybeauty135.com

Lately i was looking around the internet and somewhere i read that one of the difference between the stress and the anxiety is that with stress you know what's going wrong,you know why you feel this way.So maybe we can say that it's something about our mind and maybe our decisions.Maybe we just need to learn how to leave out of our lives things and people who make us stress out and just let happiness and happy people take their places.Maybe it's all about our choices.

Motivational Monday #7 : Stress and Happiness | www.bubblybeauty135.com

Instead of keep close to us things that stress us out it's better to spent our time with things and people that really matters (aka. what make us happy and feel full of joy).I'm thinking about how much time i spend every single day on doing things that i don't really care and thinking about people that make me feel not ok and in the end of the day all these lead to unhappy feelings.It sounds kind of silly,but things that i don't want to do,most of the times i pile them away but you propably know how this pilling end up. (yes,this is the time that i stress out)

Motivational Monday #7 : Stress and Happiness | www.bubblybeauty135.com

Plans,or let's say the lack of plans sometimes can be another one reason that i stress out.Well,i'm not super fan of making big plans or plan out all my next ''moves'' but i like to have an idea of plan,of what i will do next and maybe a second idea if the first will not go as well as i want.There are times that i just can't enjoy today because i worry way to much for tomorrow.I feel kind of unsafe.But if you will not have a happy and beautiful today how you will be able to be happy tomorrow.

Motivational Monday #7 : Stress and Happiness | www.bubblybeauty135.com

In the end of this post i wanted to let you know what i do when i have ''stress attacks''.I just take a deep deep breath and try to empty my mind,just for some minutes.Because let's face it,sometimes it's good to just let things happen and suprise us,sometimes for good sometimes for bad but whatever.Overthinking i guess never help anyone and for sure never lead to hapiness!

''Happiness is a choice.You can choose to be happy.There's going to be stress in life,but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not'' ~ Valerie Bertinelli

Let me know your opinion in the comment bellow ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. Hey Aphrodite :)!

    I love that part that you wrote: 'But if you will not have a happy and beautiful today how you will be able to be happy tomorrow.' I think that is very insightful :)! I used to get much more stressed than I do nowadays, and I think the thing that really helped me was just letting go of all my worries, and of bad situations, and finding better things to do with my life. I still get stressed, especially when I am doing University essays ;), but I know in the back of my mind that it will come to an end and then I push through until I can relax again.

    You are very wise :), I really enjoy reading your thoughts and inspirations!

    xX Zoe | http://life-gazing-and-wildstrawberries.blogspot.com/

  2. Great quotes to live by

    I love those words


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. i definitely have stress because of plans a lot of the time. i like that quote at the end :)


  4. Great post :) Important subject and you are really good at choosing quotes :)

    Cylia - http://noshandchat.blogspot.dk

  5. Thank you so much for all the kind words ! I'm so happy that you feel better now...I don't even want to think about University essays...stressed me out so much haha ^_^

  6. So true...I still work on that it's the truth ^_^

  7. Thank you ! I will check out your new posts for sure ^_^

  8. I think that it helps me a lot when i stressed out !

  9. Thank you ! I'm so happy that you like them :)


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