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Motivational Monday #8 : It's ok not to be ok

Motivational Monday #8 : It's ok not to be ok | www.bubblybeauty135.com
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Another one ''Motivational Monday'' post.It looks like that it's the only posts that i do but i will try to change that.Anyway,let's take a moment and talk about how fast the weeks flew away.It's crazy,someone should press the ''pause'' button.

Back to the point of this post.The days before for some unknown reason i didn't feel so well.It didn't happen something,i just felt sad and empty.I was mad with myself because i was thinking over and over again all the things that i do wrong and the things that i must to do,in certain way and time.In the top of all those thoughts was,the subject of this post.I was thinking how i will write something good and cheerfull and how i will encourage the people who will read this to be happy and enjoy their life if i can't do that for myself.So i decided that this will be the subject.How we deal with our feelings,especially when we are not ok.

Motivational Monday #8 : It's ok not to be ok | www.bubblybeauty135.com

I have a problem.I want and try to be always happy when i'm with other people.I don't really want to talk about when something goes wrong and i will do it when i already get through this and already found a solution by myself,which it's kind of bad or sad.I don't really know.So in these cases i try to remind myself that it's ok not to be ok.All of us deserve a bad day or week or month,even a year if we want and need it.

Motivational Monday #8 : It's ok not to be ok | www.bubblybeauty135.com
Some days are just too much.Or we just kept inside too much things,too much feelings and we can't take it anymore.I don't know about you but i feel better when i cry,i feel my heart lighter.Maybe it's true that after we cry it's easier to move forward.Maybe it's a way to see our problems clearer and solve them easier.Personally i think that it's a way to release our sadness or madness. (Yep,i use to cry when i'm really angry or if someone blame me without reason)

Motivational Monday #8 : It's ok not to be ok | www.bubblybeauty135.com

If you read my others ''Motivational Monday'' posts ,you will see that i focus more on the brightest side of the life and i try to make you happy and feel better after you read my posts.But this one it's different.I still believe that we should try to be happier each day but this is as much important as know what we feel and live all those feelings.Happiness it's less important if we can't live and deal our sadness,anxiety,stress,madness and all those bad feelings.

Motivational Monday #8 : It's ok not to be ok | www.bubblybeauty135.com

Sometimes the best way to deal with something it's to face those feeling and not avoid them.It's ok to feel sad and unhappy.This doesn't mean that you are weak or that you can't deal your problems.Maybe this is the right way to do it.Sometimes other people try to comfort us,for sure because they love us and want for us the best,but in some cases it's better to deal with those feelings alone and let things go back to normal alone again.I believe that this will us stronger and less afraid to be hurted or feeling something which will not be good.

What do you think?I will love to read all your thoughts in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. great quotes,we have to stay positive and always think that great things are about to happen.


    The Color Palette

  2. Great motivational quotes

    I love having my own collection too

    It made me inspired


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. Love this post - it can be hard to face your feelings sometimes because then you have to process them and deal with them which is much harder than pretending everything is okay!

    Corinne x

  4. Hey Afrodite :)

    Wow, this blog post touches on a new subject I have not seen before. The way you were able to cover topics such as sadness and anger is inspiring. Sometimes people blow it out of proportion, and other people want to simply sweep these feelings aside and pretend they are always happy. But realising it is ok to be not ok is tough - I think it hinges on the attitude that you can accept the situation, but know that it is only temporary. Sometimes I just need the people around me to accept that I am a little upset for no reason, and then I can move on ;). I wish you all the best wishes, and thank you for your inspiring blog posts!

    xX Zoe | http://life-gazing-and-wildstrawberries.blogspot.com/

  5. I love them...Nothing can inspired me more ^_^

  6. so true...I completely agree with you <3

  7. Your sweet comments always make me smile sunshine <3 Thank you so so so so much !


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