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Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes

Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes |
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Today i decided to share with you some life lessons from Disney princesses.Maybe it sounds childish but i still like them and enjoy watch those type of movies again and again.I wonder how can you not lke them,i think that you can never be too old for Disney movies!So this is some of them that i pick out for this post...

Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes |

The sweet Aurora,the Sleeping Beauty,show us how powerful can be our dreams.If we want something very much and we think about it all the time then i guess that will happen and our dream will be come true.

Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes |

But let's be real.Nothing,or almost nothing can come true only be wishing and dream about them.Like Tiana in the movie,has a dream and work for that so so hard.I think that it's the only princess that actually work and work hard in order to achieve everything that she want ! Dreams and wishes are the beggining of everything but hard work is what make everything work out and happen in real !
 Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes |

I love this quote.Even if everything fall apart in your life or someone's else life,it's good and inspiring to be able to stay strong and smile and just try to bright others' days.I just adore people who are smiley and positive and just have the ability,or even better the charisma to bright every place that they go.These kind of people always make me smile and feel happier.

Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes |

Another one powerful and kind of motivatonal quote to have more trust on ourselves and on our voice!Maybe it will be sound kind of selfish but lately the only voice that i hear it's mine.Not that i don't trust others,especially my friends and family,i really value their opinion but the decisions that i make based in mine beliefs and thoughts.And i must admit that it's something hard to do,because all we are surronded from so many people,who will tell their opinion without asking them ,so i consider it as an ability if someone can pick out the voices that matter and those which not.

Motivational Monday #10 : Disney Princess Quotes |

At the end,i pick out a quote about dreams again.I feel,and it's my personal opinion that if you have a dream,if you strongly want to do something or make something happen,then you don't have the choice to just stop,stop trying to make it happen.Because you think about it again and again so i guess that you don't give this choice to yourself,the choise to quitAnd this is the right thing to do....So if you have a dream....Just chace them and you will catch them in the end.

Who is you favorite Disney princesses??Let me know if you like it and what do you think in the comments below (always a pleasure to read them ! )

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  1. My favorite was always Ariel, but now I feel like the message of the little mermaid is a little questionable!


  2. I make the same thoughts with you for some fairytales now that i'm older :)


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