Thursday, May 7, 2015

Haul | The Body Shop

Haul | The Body Shop |

 Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Today i have for you a haul,just some things that i bought a while ago.Looks like Body Shop's promotion or something but it's not.The store it's almost next to the place that i work,plus i love so much all of their products so i always end up buy more and more.

I use the products around twice so i can talk about them a little bit,something like a first impression.

Haul | The Body Shop |

Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet : The brand launch body sorbets around last summer.In case that you don't know about them,it's something like body cream but with really light texture and super moisture for the skin.I don't know how exactly to describe the scent,it's different,fresh
,clean,kind of sweet and spicy together.

Brazil Nut Shower Cream : Sooo in love with this scent.I felt in love with the scrub and now this shower cream has the exact same scent.A really sweet one,which at first i thought that has something to do with chocolate but now i think that it's a more caramel-ish scent.

Wonderblur : A product that recently launched by The Body Shop.I used it sometimes already and i really like it.It's a primer and smooths out my skin really well and helps my makeup stay on all day long.

Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel Oil : This is a product that i grab it without thinking about it because it was super super cheap after a discount that it had.I'm not sure if i like it or not yet.I love my cleanser to be like soap and make foam and all these stuff,so maybe i'm not a so good judge for this product.At least not yet.

Haul | The Body Shop |

Fuji Green Tea Exfoliant Corporel : Another one green tea product,with the same fresh and clean scent like the body sorbet.It's more like an everyday exfoliate product,at least for my taste i think that it isn't the best if you want something for deep exfoliation.Also i love the package (i will keep it afterwards for sure).

Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask : A product that i really don't know if i like it or not.I was ready to made a review for you,the photos was ready but then i was thinking that i wasn't so sure.Maybe i need to try it a little bit more.The positive is that i feel it good on my skin,moisture it without be too heavy.

Haul | The Body Shop |

Sweet Lemon Body Butter : And this is a product that i take it free because i spent an amount of money.Let me tell you that i feel in love.I want to go and buy maybe another 2 or 3.It was the first time that i saw it around so i don't want to risk it that i will not find it.I love lemons in general so this body butter it is a paradise for me.The scent it's exactly like the name of the product.You take a lemon,you put sugar on it and this is smell that you will end up with.(Yep i'm so in love)

Do you ever try out any of these products?Do you want maybe a full review for any of these products?

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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