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Motivational Monday #12 : Body Image and Confidence

Motivational Monday #12 : Body Image and Confidence | www.bubblybeauty135.com
Hello Sunshines ^_^

How are you?

I was thinking a lot about the subject of this '' Motivational Monday '' post . Every week i want the subject to be different , and be something interesting that you will like to read and also will help some people out there and make them feel better . So today i will talk about body image and feel confidence in your own skin.

According to National Association Of Eating Disorders , body image is how you see yourself when you look in the mirror or when you picture yourself in your mind . What you believe about your own appearance , how you feel in your own body and not just about it.

Motivational Monday #12 : Body Image and Confidence | www.bubblybeauty135.com

What a perfect season for a subject like that.It's this time of the year that everywhere around you , there are ads and articles and talks about how to get the perfect bikini body , what exercises to do and what to eat in order to get ready for the beach . And this is okay if you want to do that for yourself and because this is something that will make YOU feel better and happier . But it's so not okay , if you do it because you feel insecure and shame for your own body because someone else told you that your body doesn't fit in the society's beliefs about what is beautiful and what not.

Motivational Monday #12 : Body Image and Confidence | www.bubblybeauty135.com

Because no matter what other people think , you are beautiful , everyone is beautiful , each one with their own , unique way . No matter the size and the shape of your body , if you feel confident and you heart is warm and kind then everybody will see how bright you can shine and how amazing person you are . Maybe we are jealous of other people , of how they look like but if you ask them probably they will tell you something about you that they wish to have . Because maybe this is the way that humans are made of , deeply want what we don't have . Just try to remember how many gorgeous and perfect looking people you have met and when they start talking , you realize how ugly they were inside . And i strongly believe that in the end , people who worth to have in your life , will pick you for your inner beauty , because this is what matters the most and last through the years.

Motivational Monday #12 : Body Image and Confidence | www.bubblybeauty135.com

If you don't love your body and yourself in general and then nobody else will . All of our insecurities , reflected on others and sometimes it's like push them to judge us . Personally a lot of times i'm thinking that if my attitude was different in some people's comments then maybe i will be treated better.So if you are proud for your body and you love it then people will follow , they will not have any other option.

Motivational Monday #12 : Body Image and Confidence | www.bubblybeauty135.com

Because the problems is not in our bodies , our skin color , our height...our image.It's in our minds and what we believe about ourselves . If you think about it you will realize that all the ugly comments that someone told you , you were the first person that you believe them and you told to yourself . So maybe our minds needs a little bit of fixing and not our bodies . 

What you think about it?Let me know in the comments below because i always love to read your opinions and what you have to say ^_^

p.s Smile because you are beautiful my little Sunshines and if you want a bikini body then get a bikini on and have a lot of fun on the beach <3

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. Wonderful post!
    I feel like there's so much stress on being thin=healthy during the summer when really, all that matters is being happy.

    Dar | www.holylipstick.com

  2. This was an absolutely amazing post, I really enjoyed reading :) I completely agree with every single thing that you said and I really love the pictures that you picked!
    I am so glad I discovered your blog, new follower. x


  3. Love this post. It's such a hard issue because everyone is always so self critical on themselves. Regardless of how they look. I don't think I've ever come across someone that's been truly happy in their skin.

    Corinne x

  4. I'm so happy that you like it :)

  5. Your comment really made my day (i really needed that ) !Thank you for all your sweetness and i'm happy that you enjoyed it ^_^

  6. I never find a person like that too...probably doesn't exist haha

  7. Perfect timing! Nothing messes with your body confidence like bikini season!


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