Monday, May 4, 2015

Motivational Monday #11 : Mother , Mum , Mommy

Motivational Monday #11 : Mother , Mum , Mommy |
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Monday again and today i have a special,kind of,Motivational Monday for you.This Sunday we celebrated Mother's day.A day to be thankful and express our love for our special women in our lives.This day is dedicated to all the mothers out there,mothers-in-law,grandmothers,wanna-be-mothers,mothers who adopted a child and basically every woman who try to raise up a child.

For the first time i make all the images for this post,which it's pretty excited and the quotes that i use,i find them on Proflowers site.The site, which is really nice and beautiful, for this special day gathered 80 quotes about mothers and motherhood.The whole idea it's pretty cool if you are like me and you never know what to write in a card or something.So maybe there you will find some inspiration !

Motivational Monday #11 : Mother , Mum , Mommy |

I think that to be a mother it's the biggest gift for a woman .Ofcourse doesn't mean that all the women must have a child or make a family but it's so good that if they want they can do it .Nowadays if a woman want a child can have one ,even if she is single.I can't say if i agree of not,or if this is the perfect situation,because this is something that depends how things work out for each person. No matter what each one of us believe, one thing it's true, that it's woman have the right of motherhood.

Motivational Monday #11 : Mother , Mum , Mommy |

My mother always used to say something ''wise'' or a proverb and saying,in order to make me see that she has right.I guess all the mothers are like that.Sometimes i think that my mom make up her own quotes so make me believe and trust her words more.Maybe if i will be a mother one day i will do the same, i will tell to my children wise quotes to live by! 

Motivational Monday #11 : Mother , Mum , Mommy |

Let's take a moment and talk about how true this quote can be.When we talk about mothers it's not even necessary to ask this question.You will take the advice either way and even if sometimes we don't want to admit it,they have right.Maybe with the motherhood come together an instinct about what it's good and what's not about your child.

Motivational Monday #11 : Mother , Mum , Mommy |

I always fight with my mother.It feels like we are so different and with so opposite opinions about most of the subject.But who doesn't fight with their mothers.Maybe sometimes the fight go out of control but in the end of the day it's sure that everything will be just like it was before.I never heard about a mother who doesn't forgive her child,no matter what happened.

Mothers will always be ''mothers'' and no matter what ,we will always love them and we will always be thankful that they are around and support us through everything!
They will always be our hero !

Let me know in the comments below...Why your mother is a hero for you?Or what do you admire the most on her? <3

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