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Review:Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub | The Body Shop

Review:Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub by The Body Shop | bubblybeauty135
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How are you?

Today i'm here with another one review for you!I hope that you don't mind and you enjoy those kind of posts as much as i do.Also,i will be so happy if you let me know in the comments what other kind of post you want to see next from me!

So back to the product!In case you don't know i'm a huge scrub lover,both for body and face.I shared with you before my favorite one for the body so now it's face's turn.I use the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub by The Body Shop for really long time and i just bought a new one so it was the perfect timing for a review.

First i want to talk you a little bit about my skin.It's quite oily in the T-zone and normal in all thee other areas.I can't call my skin acne,but days-to-days i notice some spots on my face,some days only a few of them and others much more.This product i can say that helps my skin with the spots so much,like no other.

The Body Shop claimed that it's a skin-clearing facial scrub which combines micro-fine exfoliants with bursting beads to help unclog pores without over-drying.Make the skin feels soft,smooth,super clean and at the same time pores looks visibly clearer and skin feels purified.

I agree 100% with that,and now i feel that maybe i'm over enthusiastic with this product but really helps me a lot with my spots problem.
Review:Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub by The Body Shop | bubblybeauty135

Review:Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub by The Body Shop | bubblybeauty135

The product as you can see comes out as a gel,and inside has a lot of tiny beads which i don't know if you can see clearly on the photos.But don't let this fool you,because no matter the size,it does the job and maybe even better that those scrubs with bigger beads inside.

I use it every other day,mostly during the night because for me this is the time that i like to spent more time on my skin and on me in general.I like it that afterwards my skin doesn't feel super dry but you can see and feel that it's clean.I think that you can see the difference in your skin without the need to wait for a long time (because who has the patience).Because of the tea that has inside,has a scent that some doesn't like it and other like me find it soo good and energetic,and at the same time,for the same reason has some cooling effects when you wash it off.

I read here and there that when you have acne and spots on your skin it's better to don't use harsh products and especially any kind of scrub.I can understand this logic but for my skin,this scrub works perfect and i recommended to everyone who has problems with acne or spots.Some of my friends also use it and doesn't have any problem at all.They love it too!

Do you ever try out this product before?Which is your favorite face scrub?

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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