Monday, September 28, 2015

My Way Through Confidence

Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Today i want to talk about something,which i think that all of us had or still have issues with.Confidence ! 
I will try to tell you,what i did in order to feel more confident with myself.Ofcourse for each person can work out different things but maybe this post can make you feel better and more motivate to be more self-confidence.

As the most of you i guess,school years wasn't the best on these department.Not that i tried a lot,to be honest.I was shy,i didn't really talk to anyone except my friends,which always were only 2 or 3 girls.
I never had problem with that,maybe because i didn't  ever wanted to be ''popular'' or having a tone of friends.
On the outside,i was overweight,but like a lot.If you see old photos of me,before high school,i was like a little ball,with glasses,a little bit of acne and a horrible haircut (I don't even know what i was thinking).But still i didn't really care.I had my close friends,i didn't have any interest for boys at this point so i didn't really care about my appearance.
There was people who made fun of me (who doesn't on school actually),but i think that it was because i was shy and quite and not about my appearance.But one day,i was 15 years old i think back then,one girl mention that the boy that i liked never will gonna like me back because of the way that i look.And she said it in front of him and in front of all the class.
Now that i think about it,i wasn't too upset about it,i play it cool but it really stuck in my head and inside me.The school year ended and i went terrible on the exams.I was so sad,with all of those things that i was home all the summer,my friends was upset with me because suddenly i didn't talk to them,i didn't hang out with them without any explanation.This was the point that i closed even more into myself and started to losing weight.If i show you the before and after you will be shock.I didn't even realize it that i lost so much weight.
But i will tell you what.Now i'm kind of thankful for this summer.I learned more about myself and i started to accept me.Yes it was hard,it was i miserable summer with ups and downs but it helps me to think and help myself out.So keep reading to see what i did and make me feel more confident...
(It will not happen over night but keep working and you will made it)

1. Fake it

Ok,we get it,you don't have confident,but there is not need to anyone else to know.Like it or not,people with think about you whatever you will decide to show them,they will not ''search'' deep into you and yes,they will criticize a book by the cover.So yes girl,until you make it,you can fake your confidence.If you can't talk just smile.You will look like kind of mysterious.Play it cool and just relax.

2. Believe in yourself

You should be the first who will believe on you and then all the others will be follow no matter what.It sounds hard,and it is but it worth it to try it.It took time but you can try to think about all of your accomplishments and all of those things that you are capable for.Personally i said to  myself ''Look there are people,like family and friends who love you and there is a reason for this.You should believe to yourself,prove wrong to all the others and just keep your head up no matter what'' (Yep some times i enjoy those little chit chat with myself haha ) 

3. Carefree

Even if you try super duper hard,i think that it's impossible to make everyone likes you.And it's ok,because this is something normal.Do you like everyone around you?I definitely no.What i did through high school and still do,is to focus on people who like me.All the others,in case that they told me that they don't like me,i was like,who cares,i don't ask for it,so do whatever you want.Sounds a little bit bad,but it's the truth.Life and school and all the good things don't last for ever,so there is no need to waste your energy into people who don't deserve it.Just be who you want to be and be someone who YOU like...not the others!

4. Perfect Imperfections

Perfect and ''be goals'' is kind of overrated.It's nice to see all those photos of ''perfect'' people but it's only photos.I can't believe that someone can look like these all day long.All people have flaws and imperfections.The difference is that some knows to hide them or embrace them better.I remember that my mom always says never point out your imperfections.Nobody will see them or will care if you don't point them out.So my suggestion is to ignore them or try to embrace them!

5. Be YOU

No matter what you will choose to matter if you will try some of the things that i told you above always keep that in mind.Be you,no matter what.Because this is what you have,you can improve yourself,you can be the best of you but you can never be the best of someone else.The authentic is always better than the copy.Maybe right now you think ''How i will be me,i'm not good enough,i'm not beautiful enough or smart enough''.But girl you are...and you are even so much more!!

Look yourself on the mirror,look your true self,how beautiful you are!!Just once pay attention on the goods and not on the bad things about you...

Be Sparkly,Be Bubbly,Be You <3

What makes you feel confident?What is the 3 things that you like the most on you??Let me know in the comments ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile <3

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