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Motivational Monday #21 : #Goals

Motivational Monday : Goals | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

It seems like i didn't talk to you for so long!But i'm here with a post that was sitting on my drafts for quite a long time and i wasn't sure if i should post it or not.As always,those are my opinion and thoughts about the subject and i will love to read yours in the comments below,as well your ideas about the subject of the next week's post!!

I guess that everyone,who have access on internet read/think/type the ''#goals''.We mostly use this phrase when we see something that in our eyes look perfect and we want it for ourselves.It can be about someone's appearance,life and can be about anything,anything that looks ''perfect''.And this is okay,this is something that always happened,even before the appearance of internet.I guess we always used to think about ''oh look,she has perfect body/perfect hair/perfect life e.t.c''.But i'm always thinking that back in time,when we didn't have so much exposure in ''perfection'',well we were jealous about Beyonce's body but...that's was it.We just admitted that we weren't Beyonce and move on.
Nowadays,we are exposed to sooo much more things and our ''goals'' are way more close to us,even next to us.Our feeds,on all social media are full of girls,who are so...perfect!!And this isn't bad either!We are jealous of them and we admit it...
The bad part coming when we compare ourselves with them,we put ourselves down and unless we reach this point we are unhappy!Yep,this is unhealthy and to me sounds quite weird that this actually happen and there are people who think this way and maybe way crazier than this but comments under photos and everywhere else on internet prove that...

Motivational Monday : Goals | bubblybeauty135

This is quite too dramatic i feel but whatever!!Sometimes we reach at this point.that we want to be anyone else except us.We want to change everything on our appearance,in the way that we live,we talk,we laugh...literally everything!!
Even though,more and more people with influence talk about this issue and about the importance of the uniqueness there is even more reasons and photos everyday,which make us want to be someone else! 

Motivational Monday : Goals | bubblybeauty135

Well,i don't really agree with the mistake!I will go with the illusion and with overrated!First,i believe that there is no such a thing like perfection,especially if you see it through a photo,because as i tell is just...a photo.A photo that this person pick out among of others,less perfect.No need to look far away,think about yourself and the moment that you choose the photo that you will upload on instagram.Do you really look like that all the times?Do you really look so happy and smiley and with makeup/hair/outfit e.t.c on point?I guess not,because nobody does and nobody have to!

In my opinion perfection is quite overrated!Where is the fun with that?If we are all perfect and same,in the end of the day what will make you real YOU?

Motivational Monday : Goals | bubblybeauty135
If we start compare ourselves to..ourselves then yes,maybe we can reach a way of perfection!We can be the best version of us each day!Instead of put ourselves down,we should praise us,and try to be better and better and better!And at the same time what is better than motivate others to do the same,no be like us but be their own version of perfection!

Motivational Monday : Goals | bubblybeauty135

And because i always like to end up my post with a note of happiness and positivity...Just remember this!
Doesn't worth the effort and the energy that you spent (if you spent) in order to look like and act like someone else!
Never someone fell in love or hang out with copies!We all prefer the original,no matter the flaws that they have...we adore them too!!Because in the end,those flaws make them,original and unique and priceless <3

What's your thoughts on that?i will love to read them below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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