Friday, November 6, 2015

Quick Moisturized Body

Quick And Easy Moisturized Body | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

I should admit it,that no matter how much i like to pamper myself, there is one thing that i'm always so lazy to do it so until now most of the times i skipped it!!
Body moisturizing...
I know how important is for the body to be moisture and trust me i have quite a lot of moisturizers (how to say no to delicious smells and beautiful packages!) so i just have my laziness to blame for!!

If you are a little bit like me,don't worry anymore because i have your back with those two products,which you can see on the photo!They make this task so easy,fun and quick!

First,i will talk to you about the In Shower Body Moisturiser by Nivea!This product was quite a surprise for me!I thought that it will not work at all (how wrong i was).After you finish the shower like normal,you apply it all over your body and you leave it for some minutes.I guess the most you leave it the better are the results.In the meanwhile,you can wash your face,brush your teeth or apply a face mask!Then you rinse it and...that's it!You have immediately more moisturized skin!
The smell of this product,is the classic Nivea scent and the texture is creamy,like hair conditioner or something like that! 
p.s try to be a little bit careful because the product can make your shower tray quite slippery!

The second product is the Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser by Vaseline!Sometimes i like to use them together,because i think that compliment each other.I bought it in the cocoa scent (because who doesn't want to smell like chocolate!) but vanilla and aloe vera doesn't sounds bad either.Basically,this is a super light moisturizer which you can spray it all over your body and wear your clothes immediately!Leaves your skin soft,not greasy at all and the skin absorb it right away!

I totally recommend both of those products!Easy and quick to use,for all of you lazy and busy dolls!Ofcourse,i want to mention that yes,moisture your skin (at least mine does) but if your skin is really dry maybe you will feel the need for something more to add on top.My body skin is pretty  much normal and i feel that with those products i'm okay,i doesn't use anything else on top!!

Do you ever try any of this product?What do you think about them?

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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