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What's in my shower?

what's in my shower
Hello Sunshines ^_^

Today i will bring you together in my bathroom!!This sounds a little bit of weird and creepy,but i will bring you together in order to show you what's in my selves and what i use while i shower!
I didn't include hair products on this post,because before a month ago i did another one,dedicated just to those products,it was my hair routine,so if you are interested feel free to check it out!

what's in my shower

Shower Gel : First thing first,as a shower gel i don't use anything specific,i don't have a favorite that you will always find it on my shelves!I usually tend to use something different each time i finish a product!
At the moment,i use the Olive Shower Gel By The Body Shop!The truth is that it's the first time that i use their shower gels and i'm impressed!They last for sooo long which is great,they feel gentle on the skin and doesn't dry it out!The one that i use,the olive scent,i'm not the biggest fan of how it smell!When i finish it,i will buy for sure another one,but probably in a different scent!
(I will make sure to let you know on instagram or snapchat ~ bubblybeauty135)

Body Conditioner : My lovely hero product through lazy days (aka every single day)!The In Shower Body Moisturiser by Nivea,you saw it before around here,but it was long time ago,when i talked to you about how you can moisturized your body quick and easy!
The way that you use this product and the idea behind it it's pretty simple!You use it like a body wash.has a creamy texture and it supposed to lock the moisture on your body so after the shower you don't need to use any other moisturiser! 
Before i tried it,i thought that it will not really work but guess what...It works and it's pretty amazing for all lazy girls...ahem,i meant busy girls,like me out there!

Face Scrub : If you know me,you will probably know that there is an addiction right here!I love scrubbing sooo much!Not sure why,but i find some joy into scrubbing both my body and face!For the face,i like the Johnson's Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash!The texture is like gel,it's gentle on the skin and inside has really small pink beads,which give a light exfoliation on the face,perfect for everyday use!
Body Scrub : For this area i like to use different methods for exfoliation,according to my mood each day!First you can spot in the photo above the Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub by The Body Shop!This is the second jar that i use and i'm so in love with it!It smells heavenly,sweet but not too much!I can't tell that it's a hard scrub,but the beads are noticeable and you can feel them on your skin,that something happening there!Also maybe it's because of the creamy texture,but leaves the skin afterwards so soft and moisturize!I use it every other day or every two!
When i don't use the product that i told you above,i like to use the Exfoliating Bath Gloves by The Body Shop!I cant tell you enough about those,if you never tried before,you need them in your life!I feel that they do a deeper exfoliation than the body scrub product and i find them less messier and much quicker to use!I usually use them instead of loofah,with the shower gel and make my skin so happy and soft!Also i think that helped me with little bumps that i had on my legs because of the shaving!
Another product that i have in my shower for scrubbing,it's the Body Brush Round by The Body Shop!Not much to tell about this product because the truth is that i don't use it so much since i take this photo (it was a while ago)!I'm not 100% sure that it was this product,but during the period that i use that i felt my whole body so itchy!It was pretty bad,i never had it before so i guess probably it was this product!Maybe it was my fault because i use it too harsh against my skin!If you have dry skin maybe this will work for you,because it really does a deep exfoliation!Now that i talk about it,maybe i even give it a second chance to see how it will goes and i will let you know..somewhere!

what's in my shower

Shaving : Last but not least,this is something that even we like it or not,we need to deal with!Maybe by seeing the photo above you assume that i use this shaving creme by Veet in order to shave myself but nope!For some weird reason i thought that i was good idea to but a big bottle of shaving creme which use no more than two times!At first i didn't include it in my photo but then i said,nah,let's be real,this creme is sitting there for so so long,so lets keep it that way for photo too (also gives a nice blue pop of color haha)!
What i really use for shaving,it's just simple razors!Nothing fancy!I use the Gillette Simply Venus 2,which has two blades and the soap thing on the top!To be honest those are the only razors that i use for years because are the only one that doesn't irritate my skin!

Which are your must - have products in your shower?

Hope you like it
Keep Smile


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