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Motivational Monday #24 : We're all Wonderwomen!!

Motivational Monday_BubblyBeauty

Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Once again long time no see and i miss you so much!It's the first Monday of the month and here is another one ''Motivational Monday'' post!I was thinking lately that maybe i need to change the title of those posts because sometimes i feel that is quite misleading.I'm not sure if those posts are motivational or something like that,to me feel more like posts where i just share with you my thoughts and some quotes about them!So i was thinking something like ''Bubbly Mondays''...I will love to read what you think,as always,on the comments below!!

So without further ado,today i will like to talk about us,girls and how we treat each other and ourselves!It's no secret that blogging area seems to be much more competitive lately,and it's quite normal if you ask me!More and more people join each day,everyone wants the best for themselves and their blogs and try to find ways to stand out!
And this is something that happens in life in general!People are competitive,try do their best in order to stand out!And this is okay with me...It's okay people want to be better and improve themselves!
I think that the problem lays in the ways and the methods that are used in order to achieve that!
I see around a lot of them who try to create some drama,like there is not enough already,in a try to seek some attention and others who try to tear apart other girls,in order to make themselves look and feel better (i wonder how they manage it)!Also,there is  those other girls,who compare themselves with others,and feel like they are not good enough,beautiful enough and in general,low themselves!!

All this situation make me feel so sad and angry and i keep wonder if things will get better any time soon or later!!It's amazing how more and more people talk about those issues,try to spread some awareness and make things at least a little bit better but at the same time i see even more people every day to feel bad and pity about themselves!
I can't help myself from feeling sadness and keep wondering what i can do in order to help them!To help them see themselves the way they are...amazing and beautiful!

I guess that we all have been in this situation!!I have been for sure and it was pretty bad!I feel so insecure,i tried to hide myself and i wishing to be transparent somehow!I doubt myself all the time,i felt like i was not enough or good enough in anything,felt more and more miserable each day and i could't find happiness in anything!From mine experience,the only one who helped me and manage to change that was my own self!!

Probably this is the reason that i feel useless to help others!Back then,i couldn't hear anyone else!All i was hearing was my voice in my head,which wasn't much encouraging!I believe that real changes happening from our own heart and mind!
In my opinion needs the right mindset in order to achieve something,something better for ourselves,some happiness!

So i guess i will just share my thoughts,my view on things,i will just leave them hung here and i hope and wish that will help someone feel better,see things brighter and keep trying for the best!Even if there is just one person,only one,that will be a success for me and a true happiness!

Motivational Monday_BubblyBeauty

Don't get me wrong,but there is some gorgeous women out there,true beauties and i really wish to look half good!I don't look like them and i know it!I know that probably i will never be,because as cliche as it sounds,each person is different and has a beauty on their own!Because someone is beautiful,and probably in a different way from you,that doesn't make you any less beautiful!If you ask the person that you keep compare yourself,it's possible to tell you that she prefer to look like you,because you have better hair for example or eyes!Beauty is there to admire it and not do compare with! 

Motivational Monday_BubblyBeauty

This is one thing to say it and one whole another thing to do it!I know it,as i said before i have been there and maybe still returning to this place some days!I think that society get stricter and stricter about what beauty is and how we should look!Probably more that we want to admit...But think about it,who is society?We are for sure a part of it,and maybe you think that we are not an important one but i can't agree on this...If each one of us keep believing that can't do anything about what's going on around us,the humans probably will kept staying in caves!Maybe you can't change the whole ''society'',but you can start from yourself...Instead of picking up all the time,all your flaws,start focus on the good things on you...So let's start right now...Comment below 3 things that you love about yourself!I'm sure that there are so much more so let me know what's the first 3 things that comes in your mind!!

Motivational Monday_BubblyBeauty

And this is what we can do for others!Sounds a little bit much,because we are not perfect,and even if we want it,we can't make everyone happy and smiley but we can always try!Doesn't take much to achieve that!A nice comment on a post,a compliment to someone or even just a smile can do the job!
Sometimes others find it weird and odd that i always try to smile to others no matter if i know them or not!But it's not,a smile doesn't cost anything and at the same time can make someone's life so much brighter!You can even smile to yourself in the mirror...I promise that it will helps even in the darkest days!!
So let's try to change things around,for ourselves and for the others around us,will not cost us anything to try to a little bit more kind and positive towards others!Maybe someone will return it to us when we will need it...But even if not,we will still feel good with ourselves that we make someone happy!!

What you think about it?Let me know your thoughts in the comments below ^_^

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Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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