Monday, March 28, 2016

Fashion Through Polyvore : Spring Outfits

Fashion Through Polyvore_BubblyBeauty

Bloom by bubblybeauty135

Hello Sunshines ^_^

I was waiting to post this for so long and i just couldn't anymore!I was just waiting for the weather to be better and feels more like spring,but i'm not sure when this will happen,so whatever...
I will bring the spring to the blog today,because it's almost April and we should start getting excited about the spring and get some inspiration about what we will wear!

By the way,how is the weather in the place that you live?In Greece,the last couple of days,it's not so good,it was stormy and cold before!Today,finally the sun make an appearance and hopefully will be coming warmer days,because it's the time i think...

In case you didn't catch up before,with the previous posts like that on my blog,i get all the photos/sets from the Polyvore,a favorite place of mine for really long time!It's place where you can find a shop fashion and beauty items,as well as home decor!The best part is that you can get creative,by using those items and create images/sets like those that you see around you right now!It's such a lovely and supportive community,and for me was a creative outlet (still is) ,when things wasn't so good and bright!

Fashion Through Polyvore_BubblyBeauty
Daisy by stelbell

Just by looking this image,somehow make me feel all happy inside and positive!How cute that dress looks!Remind me so much 60s,isn't it?

Fashion Through Polyvore_BubblyBeauty
Untitled #323 by zeljanadusanic 

If you know me,then you know the reason that i love this image!I can't say no to a shirt,especially if it has this floral pattern on it!Also that dusty pink color,it's another big love of mine!

Fashion Through Polyvore_BubblyBeauty
I've got scars by end-of-the-day

I'm excited to try out this color (how you call it?)!I never did before because they told me that blends with my skin and the look is not flattering but....i will try it out anyways!Especially on sandals,i love how they look,simple and minimal!

Fashion Through Polyvore_BubblyBeauty
Untitled #632 by flavia-hajna

Burgundy...How to say no?It looks gorgeous on anything,anytime,any season!Love the ethnic vibes of this look!It make me think about exotic places,desserts,turbans,lots of colors,big accessories...I know,wild imagination!!

Fashion Through Polyvore_BubblyBeauty
Spring Trends by amymrbll 

What not to love on this outfit?!I  love the pink stripey shirt and even more the ruffly off the shoulders shirt!!I need more shirts like that on my life!They always make you look cute without even trying!

So that was for today's post!I really hope that help you a little bit to get some inspiration!I will love to know also if you are on Polyvore too and also let me now if you are gonna be,because i love to find out more creative people!

What are you the most exciting to wear this spring?

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)
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