Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter Pampering Evening At Home

Who can resist in a pretty and cozy pampering evening at home!!
I certainly not!Offer me anytime one of those nights and you will have my heart!
Especially now,during winter,i love taking hot showers (not really a bath person) and after that just taking my time to relax and apply all my creams and oils pretty much everywhere!

As i'm typing right now i realized that in the photo i just have face products,mainly because those are the products that i'm gonna talk about but usually when i say that i will pamper myself i take care of my body and my hair too!Somehow always forgot to write about them and this is so not fair towards them!
So if you feel inspired today and gonna have a pampering session please include those areas too!
Also i will love to know if you want to see in the future posts about how i take care of my body (skincare wise) or my hair!

Before diving into the products i want to talk you about the preparation that i'm doing,the ''before'' of the pampering!
Personally i always like to have those sessions after i wash my hair,usually every two days!Obviously i don't do all those things every single time but it has to be one of those ''washing my hair'' days!
Except that i'm crazy and the ''wash my hair'' and ''pampering session'' just are connected in my mind there is a quite more logic reason behind it!

Even if you have a hot shower before,all the steam will help your pores to open and absorb the creams much better!So even if you don't plan to do much,cos i get it,sometimes you just don't have the time,you can just take a hot bath/shower,apply a mask and just keep rolling with your to-do list as you show some love to your skin,all at the same time!
Yep,that's the power of multitasking...just magical!

But let's go back to the relaxing mode,shall we?!
As i said i take my bath/shower,get all warm and clean and then i like to make a hot drink,i prefer coffee and light up some candles,just to add more coziness!
Now that i'm all set up.i'm ready to move to my skincare part...

I prefer to do that step while i'm taking bath because i feel that it's more convenient that way!
I don't even know how many times i mention this product around here,since i started this blog! I'm talking about the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub by The Body Shop!I really believe in this one and you should try it!It helps if you have some pimples as it has tea tree on it!At the same time,if you have sensitive skin or if you just don't like a harsh exfoliation this is just perfect for you!The beads are small but still does the job!I wrote a full review about it so feel free to take a look if you're interested!

Another one loved skincare product!I tend to use the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask by Origins when i feel that my skin needs a deep clean up!It's great if it's been a while since the last time that you treat yourself with a mask or after a long week where might you didn't clean your skin properly!It works great if you have some pimples here and there or if you have quite large pores like me!Well,don't except wonders,like that you will wash it off and you will see a new face but i definitely can see some differences!

After the exfoliation and the clearing mask the skin probably will feel a little dry but even if not you need something to moisturize it in depth!Now that's super clean and with pores unclogged,it can absorb everything really good!
For the face i really enjoy to use oils,especially now during winter!I use for the longest time the Bio Oil and i'm really impressed!Let me know if you want to see a full review about it and how it can help you as it's a product that i highly recommend to try it!Basically it's an oil for both face and body,which helps improve the appearance of the skin and treat any imperfection you may have!
This product is well known for its help against scars and stretch marks!But i can tell you that really helped me with my pores on my face and some little pimples which hiding under my skin!
It can be a little bit messy as an oil and this is the reason that i don't use it every single day but it worth it!The morning you will see the difference in your face!
For the eyes i switch the products all the time as i don't have really any problem with that area so it's not really big deal for me!However lately my sleep schedule is all over the place and my under eye area is quite dark!This is the reason that i choose to use and show you the
Wild Rose Eye Cream by Korres!This will come out as completely opposite from what i state before about eye creams but this is the only one that i can see a difference under my eyes!
Probably you will think that i'm crazy like my mum does!I was telling her the other day that this cream make the under eye area look more bright and relaxed and laughed at me!But i'm tellin' you it does!The first time after long time that i used it,i wake up the next day and my eyes looked so much brighter and like i had slept for weeks!So if you try it already or if you will on the future please tell me what you think about it!

And that's how i end my pampering evening!It will be amazing if you're able to stay away from electronics and internet and just curl in bed with a book or even with nothing at all!Just lay there and think about you and all the things that make feel happy,proud or grateful!Or just have an early night because who don't need that as well once in a while!

What do you choose to do during a pampering evening?What's your go to pampering products?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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