Friday, December 2, 2016

My Goals For December

Happy December everybody!!Can you believe it that we are here?
I know that probably this is what everybody said today but really...can you actually believe it?
I don't normally write posts about my monthly goals but somehow i felt this need today!
The need to write down what i want to fulfill this last month of the year!
And maybe this is the reason for that,i feel like this is my last chance to add something more to this year!Some more days to make a nice ending for 2016!
Also i realized in a previous post that writing down my goals in a post worked pretty well with my yearly ones!Who knows,maybe i felt inside that i talk about them in public so i ''have'' to to make it!!
But let's talk no more and move in with the goals...

~ Blog : i feel so bad and guilty when it comes to my blog!It seems and probably in some way is true that i abandon it!I write a post,i say this is it,i will start writing again regularly but then one day brings another and here we are...weeks after and no new post!I don't know why this is happening!
I love writing,i really do...When i start typing i forget to stop but its always the starts that i found extra hard!
For this month,i really want to push myself to create more content on here!Obviously i'm not doing Blogmas but well,the goal is to post as often as i can,preferably every other day!
Another thing,blog wise that i feel guilt about is not commenting on other blogs!I need to find a way to enter a comment session in my daily routine!

~ Etsy Shop : In case you don't know it already,i started an etsy shop with handmade cross stitched ''illustrations'' for the wall or desk and embroidery makeup bags!I think it's about 2 months that i did and i know that it takes time to make a sale!I really like that i found another one creative outlet and i enjoy creating those pouches,where to be honest i spent my whole time lately!
So,i don't know how exactly but i want a sale to happen this month,even just one!
I'm thinking to create a facebook page and maybe an instagram account just for that purposes because i feel bad to promote it all the time on the twitter!I know that isn't very nice to try to push them so much,so maybe i will do different accounts just for those handmade things!

~ Personal : What can i even say in this department!I really need to kick off some bad habits of mine!I procrastinate a lot and i'm just feeling like i totally waste my days!So my plan is to start wake up earlier and just push myself to get through my to do list each day!
Also,i really need to go to the gym!Please don't laugh on this but i try to do it for 3 weeks now!
Every night i go to sleep and i'm thinking tomorrow is the day that i will finally do it!Guess what?This morning that i have the willing to go exercise still didn't came!
Except from that,i want and must concentrate on my uni!Miracles can't happen in one month but you know,prepare myself mentally for the upcoming exams!Fun days are coming!

So,those are my goals for December!Not too big and hopefully reachable! 
Maybe i make it or maybe not!It's good though to have them written down there because even if i don't fulfill them,somehow i prepare myself for the new year,to make them come true!

But don't forget we think positive over here...I'll put my head on them,and i will make it through them!

What's your goals for December?What would you like to read next on my blog? (not related with goals,but it will help me with goal #1 aka more posts)

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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