Sunday, January 8, 2017

Goals for 2017

There are two kinds of people in this world,those who are all excited about these type of posts in the beginning of the year and those who don't really get the point of them if not how bad they can be!I totally can see where the second perspective for the subject coming from!Setting goals and making New Year's resolutions can be quite stressing and sometimes put a pressure on you to achieve them!I definitely can see why some people don't write those kind of posts or just jot their goals/resolutions down somewhere but if you can't tell already i belong with the first kind of people...

I really enjoy reading posts about goals and i can't even tell you how many of them i read already!There is something inspiring and motivating in them that sometimes,i admit it,can make me stand up and start working towards my own goals!By writing them down,instead of just having them hanging around in my head,seems more real and achievable!They are turned from thoughts into something that you need to take actions to fulfill it!

When it comes to obligation though towards them,well each person handle things in that department different!Personally,i like to keep them kind of loose!Ofcourse it's amazing when in the end of the year/month/week/day check back and you realize that all the goals are checked but i just can't handle pressure well enough!I get confused,don't know where to start from,keep thinking over and over again without actually doing something and the whole situation ends up messy!So long story short,i love to set goals and let myself know the way i need to move but if i don't achieve them that's okay too,because baby steps and small improvements counts too!

I wrote a post not too long ago about how i stay motivated in order to achieve my goals so if you're interesting you can have a look here!

But let's move the actual point of this post,aka the goals...

~  Personal  ~

  • Read . I don't add the word ''more'' because at this point i barely read anything!It sounds so sad,especially if you think about how much i used to love it!Any book recommendation is welcome!
  • Take care of myself . Sometimes (most of the times) i forget about it!In this goal a lot of little things are included,like exercising (a little),eating healthier (or at least try),fix my sleep schedule and just take some time for myself,doing whatever without worrying about anything and anyone!
  • Be happy . I set this goal for myself last year as well!Some progress happened but trust me,there is so much room for more!I feel that i set some good bases last year,like put myself more out there,did some adjusts on the people around me,left from toxic environments and now,i think i'm ready to meet new people,have some fun and just feel,you know...happy!
  • Drawing . Oh another one thing that i used to love doing it!I'm not good at drawing,my hands just can't cooperate!But with a little bit of practice in the past i think i was okay!I hope to find some time this year and trying it again!

~  Blog / Etsy Shop  ~

  • Be consistent . This will be a hard one!It seems like i have in general a bad relationship with consistency,which i know it's not good and i will work hard this year to be better on this!I really hope to be able to find a some kind of schedule,especially here on the blog and finding a routine so basically things can flow beautifully!
  • More Content . This is my main goal of the year!I want to be creative and create a lot of quality content!Something that you will enjoy to read/see,maybe be even beneficial for you and take something out of it!
I will love to know what you will like to see of me!Maybe more beauty,makeup looks,lifestyle posts,my thoughts about a subject,something more creative!Your opinion will really really help me!
  • Be Active and Present . Another one thing i need to work on!If you follow me on Twitter,maybe you have noticed that i tend to either don't stop tweeting or be completely on mute!I don't know why i do this and the fact is that this is not only something that i do around the internet but in real too!There is days,where i just close to myself,disappear and then is always hard to get back on track!So,i need to avoid this on 2017! 

And that's all my goals for this year!I really wish to be a good one for all of us!Bring some more happiness in our lives and productivity to succeed in our goals!

What's your goals for this year?I will love to read them in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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