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12 Beauty Resolutions / Reminders For 2017

Posts about resolutions during the beginning of each year can be pretty controversial ones!Probably not because for what is written on them but more for the idea behind them!As i explain in my last post,about my goals for 2017,I like them a lot,i find them inspirational and motivational!

I read a lot of them lately but all was lifestyle related and about what people want to achieve during this year wise their lives!As someone who loves makeup and skincare though,i think that it's only appropriate to set some resolutions when it comes to those matters as well...
In the title I chose to add the word ''reminders'' mainly because all the things that I will mention are probably already known to you as they are to me too!They are ''rules'' that it's good to follow for the health of our skin!Ofcourse you do you and I don't believe that when it comes to beauty there are much of obligations and things that we must to do with a specific way or at all!

There is though some little things,which we all know deep inside us that are beneficial and we need to do them more often but apparently sometimes they just slip our minds...

1. SPF . You heard it before too many times but I will say it again,using a cream with SPF is necessary all year around!The day may be cloudy and moody but the sun is there and not all his rays are our friends!Also did you know that when you do sports on snow you need to wear SPF as high as you do on the beach?Apparently,sun reflects on the snow and this can damage your skin!In case you're interesting this is my favorite one! 

2. Take your makeup off every single night . Self explanatory but seriously who can say that never did that before?!I'm guilty,I admit it!Maybe will make our lives easier if we will try to set a small routine,with just a few steps for those difficult days!Wipes are not the best for the skin as they clogged it,so maybe if you unable physically and mentally to use water,a micellaire one will save you!And if you just fail on this (I know that I will) try the next morning to moisturize your skin as much as possible!

3. Skin's needs per season . It's good to have different products as the seasons and the weather change!Not necessary for all the steps in your routine but for sure the moisture one!During summer a light refreshing cream is a dream but on winter our skin ask for something more heavy and moisturizing!Personally I love oils,a little messy but the skin loves them!

4. Building a routine . As much as I love trying out new skincare products,I know that I need to stick to some kind of a routine!Changing all the time products around sounds fun but in reality you don't give them the time to prove themselves!So girls,we just need to have a little more patience,stick to some products a little more time and if you see that still not work for you,move on!

5. Not only the face . I need to stick this everywhere around me!I always spent so much time and money if you ask me,into taking care of my face's skin and I completely forgot about my body,hands and foot!Maybe out of laziness or because i found it too time consuming,i barely moisturize my body!I feel that even if I can't see anything wrong now with that,in the future the skin in those areas will take revenge!

6. Shower + Moisture . This is kind of related to the previous one!I need to get into the habit of moisturizing,well basically everything,the moment i'm out of the shower!Again,out of laziness,I tend to just lay around after the shower before actually decide to get dressed and apply my face moisturizer!This is bad because that way I don't take advantage of the hot shower,which open the pores and make the skin all ready to absorb the products!

7. Exfoliate Regularly . The only thing in that list that i apply it in my life,even too much sometimes!I love scrubbing both my face and body but I know most of my friends never or rarely do it,which sounds crazy to me!It's essential if you want your skin to be renewed,breath and feel all fresh again!Also I see a huge difference in the texture too,as I used to have those tiny pimples under the skin on my face and body!

8. Brush Cleaning . What to even write on here!!I admit it again,I'm guilt of not doing this as often as I suppose to but let's try all together to fix this!We will be better this year,I have faith in us!

9. Take a break from makeup . I tried it before and my skin still thanks me!You will not regret if you set some makeup free days!Even just one will help your skin breath and relax!I'm sure that you will see results and how much better your skin looks right away!Plus,it's the first time that you will go out in public without makeup that feels maybe weird!After that you will even embrace it!!

10. Throw out old products . Honestly,with the hand on your heart,when was the last time that you did that?Personally I don't even remember,just sayin' !But to make an excuse for myself,it's not that I use those old products,I just feel really bad to throw them away!I feel connected with them in a way!Now i'm thinking to do it though,because I need some space for new ones!I guess that's a pretty good motive,right?!

11. Ditch bad habits . We all have those little annoying habits that we just can't stop doing them,like biting our nails,picking our face or not drinking enough water!It's hard to stop a habit in general,not just beauty ones!We need to have self discipline and set reminders,like write them on post it and stick them all around!

12. Sleep well and enough . Ahh...sleep!Who can say no?We love it and it's beneficial in so many ways!I'm sure you heard before about the ''beauty sleep'' and apparently is so not a myth!During sleep,i'ts the time that your skin and your whole system is working!This is why the night creams most of the time is heavier and more valuable!You can find here some products which will help you gain more beautiful skin while sleeping!

And those were everything that I could think of!Now they only thing that we have to do is to stick around them and instead of having them in the back of our heads,actually apply them in our daily rituals!

Any other beauty resolution/reminder that I forgot to mention?In which from the above do you need to work more on?I will love to read your thoughts in the comment below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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