Monday, January 30, 2017

Do you really need an eye cream?

A question that pop up on my head for years!I bet i'm not the only one as we talk about it a lot with my friends and even my mum!Nowadays there are so many products out there with different uses which each one promises that helps in a specific area and problem!But are they necessary in our skincare routine?

First,i will be honest by admit that from the eye creams that you see on the photos i have bought just the one of them!All the others was part of skincare sets!I was never a big fan of them either,not that i don't use them but i don't feel like they are a must in my skincare routine!This can happen because i don't really have a problem in this area..yet!I don't have any aging problem,dark circles or anything like that!

When i went to pick up this one cream that i told you above we start talking with the girl who worked there about eye creams!
We ended up having the same belief about them!

Eye creams are not for treatment but for prevention!They can slow  down the aging and some can help  with problems too but not erase  them!

So,can we use a face cream instead?
Probably not!The skin around the eyes is more thin and fragile so it needs a cream with light consistency!The face creams tend to be heavier as they aren't design for the eye area!

Ofcourse,you can always try it out and see how you feel,moisturized and refresh or heavy,kind of oily?
I guess now you have your answer!

Except from finding the right product for you is equal important to apply it the right way!Maybe not now but in the future the results from a not so gentle appliance will be there!

Try to use your ring finger,as it is the least stronger among the others and slightly pat the product around your eye area and don't forget the sides as well,where the crow's feet makes the appearance!

I'm not a dermatologist or something similar to that!All of the above are just my opinions when it comes to the eye creams,after reading things around and discuss with others!I feel like i should clarify that as the eye area,in case i didn't make it clear enough,it's a precious and sensitive one!

Maybe it will not be helpful enough if you have aging signs around the eyes or you noticed puffiness and dark circles but i wanted to talk you really quick about the eye creams that i tried so far!If you are looking for a new one or something to start with and experiment then keep reading...

Vitamin E Eye Cream by The Body Shop : I recommend it as a starter eye cream!It's first one from the swatches,has a super light consistency and because of the vitamin e moisturize the area really well!I don't know much about ingredients but the brand is known for their natural ingredients that they use so this is another one point for them!Also it promises that reduce the appearance of fine lines,puffiness and dark circles!

Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment by Korres : A Greek brand with natural products so you can see why i recommend their products all the time!This one has a more creamy consistency (check the second swatch) which at first made me worry that it will be heavy for the under eyes area but actually it works wonder!For this one i can tell you that i see a difference!It brighten up the eyes and make them look more awake!

LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes And Lashes by Vichy : I had so much expectations for this one!What sold me was the word lashes!It supposed that it works for both eyes and lashes and to be honest i didn't see a difference in any of those areas!The only thing that i can mention is the consistency,which is light,moisturized the skin and absorbed quicky!(check the third swatch)

Aqualia Thermal Night Spa - Replenish Anti Fatigue Sleeping Mask by Vichy : What i learned from today's post is that so long i used a face cream on the eyes!It was part of a skincare set so it's in a small jar!This make me instantly think that it's an eye cream!Seriously i love it!It has a gel consistency,which you know how much i adore,it's light and moisturize the skin so well!

I will use it on the face too to see how it will goes,would you like to see a full review maybe in the future?

All About Eyes by Clinique : Another one that i really like it!I love the consistency as it's quite different!It reminds me kind of whipped cream if that makes sense,creamy,you think that it will be heavy but it's exactly the opposite!I wear contacts and i apply it every night after i take them out!My eyes feels more relaxed and soft!A little goes a long way and i'm looking forward to repurchase it!

Do you think that eye creams are a necessity in our skincare routine?Which is your favorite ones?

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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