Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goodbye 2016...

If you ask me to describe 2016 with just a few words,i will say it was the year of endings and just me taking my time to try put myself together!It's weird because it feels like it was a quite dull year,without much happening both in my life in general and inside me as a person!Like i'm in the exactly same position,exactly the same person that i was last year as i wrote a similar post about 2015...But this is so not true and i realize it as i was about to write this post...

I sat down and wrote a list of things that happened this year which i want to include them in this post!Surprisingly,i'm telling you that almost nothing is the same and that feels so good!I'm not the biggest fan of changes and most of the times i put a lot of thought into them before acting and make them actually happen!The timing though was so right and now that time pass by i feel that i made the right decisions!

First and foremost i quit my job!After working there for about 5 years,every single day,during all holidays and seasons it was weird to just stop doing that!I felt bad for the people that i left behind even though that i knew that the way that they treated me most of the times wasn't the best!Since then,back in the end of May,i didn't regret it not even once!I was in a point where the environment there brought out the worst version of me and mentally i was started not being in the best place!

First holidays with my family came up and i realized how out of place i was all those years!I still live in my parents house,so that means logically that we spent time together but apparently i was so trap into my own bubble with work and uni and everything!I felt like someone picked me up form the point that i was and throw me,literally,in a new reality!

Sounds dramatic but this is exactly the feeling and thought i had!I spent the rest half of the year trying to find my new balances and figure out what i want from my life and who i want to take with me in this ride!

Some people unfortunately didn't made the cut!This left me with a bittersweet taste even now,after all those months!I decided to left behind a person who meant a lot for me in the past and i realized that like it or not there was the place where he the past!I still want all the happiness for this person and i feel that this was the only way for both of us to find it eventually!Again,it was a situation which weren't healthy anymore,didn't bring out the best of me!

Some go and some come,this is how things i guess worked!Lately i came closer with a girl,who used to work together and really bond in a different way!We are quite different as personalities but things work out pretty well and have so much fun!She even helps me in a way that she probably can't understand to be more outgoing and talk to people a little bit more!Don't picture a big different in that department but baby steps are good too!

It was the first year after ages that i left alone in town,i mean without any of friends close!I knew that this was about to happen but i didn't expect it to be like that!Plus,without my job was even harder as i had more time in my hands thinking about the future and what i'm gonna do and just end up stressing about everything!Also my boyfriend move out in a different city too this year and things to be honest doesn't seems to go well!I don't know how you handle situation like that but i feel i can't work any kind of relationship,both friends and boyfriend,with distance in between!

I'm not gonna lie,2016 was a year!I don't want to say a difficult one but for sure a challenging and different one!Now that i look things from a distance,i feel i needed this kind of year and deep inside  this is how i expect it to be!When i get used to it,i enjoyed that i left alone in the city,that i tried to find new people to hang out with and in general that i moved out from my comfort zone!I tried to challenge myself and in a way i think that i made it!Those changes end up making me say more yes that no and i really had some fun after really long time!

Before ending this quite big i will say post,i can't not  mention all the amazing people that i met online this year!Lovely ones,who make me smile even without knowing it with their tweets and posts,inspiring with all their hard work and talent,cry a little with their kindness and make me feel like a part of something!

Now that the 2016 ride is over,i left feeling relieved,happy and deeply grateful!

I'm so excited and ready for the new year to come though!I have a feeling or at least i want to be a good one!I want to focus and give my best shot both on my blog and my etsy shop!I abandon them a little,especially my blog  and i feel bad about it but i needed to step back a little and figure out what i want to do with them and what kind of content i really want to create!

Overall,i wish the New Year to bring new,excited opportunities,not only for me but for all of you!I hope to bring out a better version of us and help us achieve whatever each one of us want!
Most of all,i wish from the bottom of my heart to be filled with all the health,love and happiness because you all deserve it!All those things and even more...

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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