Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What Posts I've Read Lately

Is there a better way to spend an evening than catching up with all your favorite blogs, leave some love in the comments plus a cup of coffee or tea on your hands?I don't think so, at least not for me!
I admit though that I wish to have more often that kind of evenings!There are so many amazing blogs out there and sometimes I feel quite bad that I just can't keep u with all of them!Having that in mind I put together this post...

I feel like new posts pop up everywhere around me and sometimes I'm kinda lost from where to start reading and confused about what i want to read that specific moment!

What system you have when it comes to others' posts?

I personally like to use Bloglovin!When it comes to my blog,I didn't see much of a help or traffic from this site but it's a convenient way to keep up with others' people content and just know what new content there are out there!
Other days Twitter can come in handy as well!The only downside with that is that because I see so many interesting posts as I scroll through my feed, the ''Read Later'' section is always so full!But it worth is asIfound so many new amazing blog there which i still follow and keep up with their content!

I wanted to spread some love today,so instead of bloggers or blogs i decided that it's better to share with you some of the posts that i read lately and i really like them!Ofcourse there were so many more that i wanted to add, which i equually liked them but i didn't wanted to be too long or hectic!
I hope that you will find something interesting in the list below and maybe even blogs that you didn't read so far!

1 ~ 4 Mistakes I'm Making As An Entepreneur 
2 ~ Adding Serums & Acids Into Your Skincare
3 ~ Easy Ways To Eliminate Negativity From Your Daily Life 
4 ~ Where To Buy Blog Props
5 ~ I'm A Dreamer,I'm Not Afraid To Admit It
6 ~ How Blogging Consumed me
8 ~ The Little Things...
9 ~ How To Win At Pinterest
10 ~ The Anti-Haul:Makeup I Probably Won't Buy
11 ~ Things I want To Start Introducing To My Daily Routine 
12 ~ The Workday Face

What kind of posts do you like to read the most?Any interesting one that you read recently?I'll love to find more reads in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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