Sunday, February 12, 2017

8 Little Things To Make Every Day Brighter

It's no secret I guess that I'm a positive person, I believe in happy endings and I prefer looking on the brighter side of things!Totally opposite on those facts about me, I can tell you that like everybody, I have a lot of hard-to-leave-the-bed mornings, stress about life, getting upset with things and people around me and let's say bad days overall!Sometimes I can make this black cloud above me disappear within hours and others it can stay for days and most likely weeks!
I figure out though that there are some small things, which can make me feel better instantly and start each day with a more positive mindset...

 1. Make the bed . My advice is to do it right the minute you are out of it!Taking as example myself, it's harder to make it later through the day...or maybe I'm just too lazy but I can't be the only one right?
The satisfaction you get from something so small is amazing!The room seems instantly more organized and personally I feel my life slightly more put together!

2. Stretch . Recently every time I wake up I feel my whole body is in pain!Probably it's because of bad sleeping position!I found that stretching helps a lot with it and set me in a good, productive mood for the rest of the day!I don't have a specific routine, I just search for a quick stretching video on youtube!

3. Make a good deed . Do something good for someone else can literally make me so happy!It doesn't need to be something big or pricey!Most of the times it's the little things that can make someone smile and be happy!For example, you can show your love and support to fellow bloggers/friends/family, write a nice card, organize a family meal, hold the door open for somebody e.t.c

(I can write a full post with ideas, so let me know if you will be interested in reading something like that)

4. Start planning . It can save your day, keep everything organized and neat and your mind is much more relaxed and ready to be busy about one thing at a time!Although, I'm so not good at it!I know how important and beneficial planning can be but for some reason I can't get the hang of it!
I recently read this and this posts by Erin and seriously motivate and inspire me so much to try set a schedule and routine for myself1So let's do this together because we all know deep inside how big of a difference it can make!

5. Smile . Even on bad days, i try to smile as much as possible!First, i see that helps me a lot, as they said ''fake it till you make it''!It's like cheating your brain that you are happy even if this is not true!Also, I don't like other people to see me sad or upset!Not because I want to hide it from them but most of the times they can't do anything about it and it's not fair to bring them down and ruin their good mood!So, as I write at the end of every single post of mine...keep smile because nothing bad can come out of it!

6. Music . It's not secret that music can brighten up any day within seconds!If you pair it with a little bit of dancing too then you have the winning duo for a perfect start of the day!

7. Compliment Someone . Being kind and nice to someone literally cost nothing!Instead, you can really make the day for both you and other people!I live in an apartment complex and seems so weird to me when I bump into someone on the entrance or the elevator and they don't say hello to me!I always try to be kind and smile to people even on strangers and it's just hilarious when they look back at me like im an alien!Oh well, what can I do!I suggest you try it and you will see the difference...I promise you!

8. Switch Off . The Internet world is amazing and with endless possibilities!Obviously, i love it and feel really comfortable when I'm in, so much that sometimes I forget to log out!The photos of this post have been taken a couple of days before, when after lots of years snowed where I live!I spent the day with my family, just being together, taking photos and create memories!

What can make your day brighter?Do we have anything in common?I will love to read everything in the comments below ^_^

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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