Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My 4 Favorite BB Creams

my 4 favorite bb creams bubblybeauty135
Hello everyone ^_^
How are you?

There are some days that i feel super lazy and i want to apply in my face something lighter than foundation or days that i just don't need so much coverage.Those days i pick one of my bb creams.I'm sure that all of you or the most of you know what they are.Creams with color in the them,which provide a little bit of coverage also.I want to talk to you a little about each one of them...

Idealia BB Cream by Vichy : First of all it's a little bit more pricey than the others.It seems that work more like treatment for the skin than actually cover any skin's imperfections.Feels so light in the skin ,super hydrate and also even out the skin toneThe skin looks dewy and healthy.Plus has SPF25.Available in two shades,light and medium.I'm in medium shade.

BB Cream Skin Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier: If you have oily skin like me this product it's not for you.It is one of the first BB creams that i bought and for this reason i don't use it so much.Although Garnier came out with a new BB cream which have a matte finish but i dind't try it out yet.I feel that the one that i own make my skin shiny but a good powder can solve the problem.I prefer to use it like that,withought a moisturize cream because hydrate enough the skin without any help.Plus has SPF15.

Skin Perfection BB Cream 5 In 1 Instant Blemish Balm by L'oreal : One of my favorite and i think that this one it's what i use the most because just fit in my face so good.For BB cream has thicker consistancy than others,moisturize the skin without make your face look shiny or oily.Doesn't cover your skin's imperfections completely but even out your skin and give it a super natural look.I'm in shade medium.

Dream Fresh BB by Maybelline : Last but not least this bb cream by Maybelline.I can say that it's one of my favorites too because of the light consistancy and the fresh effect in my skin.It's a really ppromising product and i can say that i'm pretty happy when i use it.Don't expect to cover your imperfection but your skin will glow from healthiness which is always a plus.So good for summer with SPF30.For a bb cream stay in my skin quite long during the day.

Do you ever tried any of these BB creams??Do you recommend any other to try out??I can't wait to read your comments below <3

Keep Smile :)
xx Aphrodite

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