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Winter Moisturizing Essentials

face & body winter moisture essentials bubblybeauty135
Hello Everyone ^_^
How are you?
Where i live start getting cold and remind something of winter so i think that this is the best time to show you what i use to moisture my skin in the winter.For me this is the season that i really enjoy to apply creams and and all those stuffs and just take care of my skin a little bit more.Also a moisturized skin it's always a plus especially now that we are close in holidays period.The skin look amazing,glowing and the makeup looks even much better.So let's started...

1.Face Time :
face winter moisture essentials bubblybeauty135

For my face i choose to use the most rich products in the night so they have the time to improve and help my skin.In the morning i prefer products with more light consistency because this way the makeup look better and i see that stay more.One other thing is that lately i prefer products like gel instead of something creamy,i feel that my skin can absorb it better.
For daytime,the Vitamin E eye cream by The Body Shop and Pomegranate Moisturising Cream - Gel by Korres work just perfect.So light for the skin an at the same time do the job,moisture the skin.
For the night,richer products come in.The Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes by Vichy is exactly what my eyes need after a long day.Only the word ''lashes'' that have in the title you know that i can't say no.The Vitamin E Overnight Serum - In - Oil by The Body Shop just complete my moisture mission.Don't hurry to say no because it's oil.I have oily skin and my skin the next morning after i use it just thank me.

body winter moisture essentials bubblybeauty135
For me this step in my skincare routine it's kind of new but now that i see the difference ,i regret that i didn't did that earlier.E x f o l i a t i o n.Get rid of the dead cells of your body,leave your skin soft and ready to apply your moisturizing cream,which absorbed better for the skin.Lately i use the Brazil Nut Body Scrub by The Body Shop and i really like it.The scent is to die for and the scrub beads have the size that i feel them in my skin and i know that i exfoliate it.After that to complete my moisture for my skin i use the Go Fresh Body Lotion Pomegranate And Lemon Verbena by Dove.So nice smell ( i have the body wash too ) and moisturize the skin beautifully.

3.Hair and Hands and Lips
hair & hands winter moisture essentials bubblybeauty135

lips winter moisture essentials bubblybeauty135

Three body parts that need moisture as much as the others.So for the hair Im in love with Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil by Kerastase.The truth is that it's pricey but for me worth the money because the one that you see in the photo is something like sample ( was gift with a magazine ),i use it at least 2 times in the week and last for months so think about the normal one bottle how much it will last.
As handcream i use really anything,i mean i don't have any favorite but for sure i always carry one with me in my bag,like always.At this moment i use the Mango Hand Cream by The Body Shop.Not a fan of mango's smell but this cream smell nice.
Last but not least are the lips,In the night i apply a generous amount of Vaseline and for daytime i prefer Baby Lips In Cherry Me by Maybelline  and Mango Lip Butter by Korres for a little bit of color.

Maybe you see above again and again the same companies,i just realise it.I guess if i like something i stick with that :-P

Do you ever try any of these products??I will be happy to see your favorite products in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile



  1. I love the Baby Lips collection! They are so soft and smooth, unlike EOS. I also like Softlips Cubes for their buttery feel.

    1. Glad to hear that about EOS because here in Greece we don't have them and i thought to order some maybe,because seems to be everywhere ^_^


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