Monday, July 13, 2015

Motivational Monday #16 : Be Alone and Feel Loneliness

Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you? 

Another one week has come and gone.The time really pass by way too fast and i feel like i'm doing nothing (maybe this is what i do but sshhh!).So another one Monday...How are you feeling?

I pick out the subject for this post,because a.i was thinking about it a lot and i read about it also a lot and b.the days before i was feeling quite loneliness (now everything is ok) and i had some conversations about this theme with some friends.

Motivational Monday #16 : Be Alone and Feel Loneliness |

First thing that i feel that it's important to mention.It's one thing to be alone and one another to feel loneliness.Loneliness has to do with feelings and it's kind of a stage in our mind.We can be around a thousands people and feel loneliness,and kind of depress and sad.When you are alone,it's like that you are not with anyone else,in the room for example.Ofcourse you can feel loneliness when you are alone but this is not something that we must take it for sure,that alone equal with loneliness.

Motivational Monday #16 : Be Alone and Feel Loneliness |

I see that some people afraid? to be alone,but i like it and i enjoy it.If i don't stay alone for some hours a day i feel that i cant relax and put my thoughts in the right place,and in general i feel that i can't function.There is things that it's better to do them when you are alone,and just be you with yourself.Maybe even talk a little bit (please tell me that i'm not the only one who discuss with myself in my mind?).

Motivational Monday #16 : Be Alone and Feel Loneliness |

Loneliness can lead us,except in the sadness,also in wrong decisions.Sometimes can make us say yes to things,offers and people,only because we afraid to be alone and under other circumstances our answer probably could be no.In phases like that,i think that it's better to protect ourselves and face our fear and just stay alone for a while,even if this is seems too scary at the moment.Stay alone until feel ready,and maybe until then we can figure out something new about ourselves and love us a little bit more.

Motivational Monday #16 : Be Alone and Feel Loneliness |

Just a reminder to all you lonely birds out there.You are not alone.Everyone get through those phases and a lot of people deal with it right now,the same time as you do.Embrace being alone and have fun with yourself.And if you feel loneliness the you don;t have can always have me!!

I'm more than happy to read all your opinions in the comments below and how you deal with those things !!

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. Hey Afrodite :)!

    I love that one you have up there - 'love when you're ready, not when you're lonely'. That, to me, makes so much sense. I am like you :), I need to be alone for at least a few hours a day so that I can think and just be myself (and not an anxious, angry rhinoceros tehe).

    Oooh oooh also, I was wondering, do you have a Pinterest account :D, and if so, what is it called?

    xX Zoe |

  2. Yes i have :)
    Let me know if i can find you anywhere else because i will love to ^_^


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