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Motivational Monday #15 : Negativity

Motivational Monday #15 : Negativity |
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

It took me too long to post something and i feel bad about that.I guess that it's true that if you stay away from something for long time it's hard to get back on track.

Anyway,for this ''Motivational Monday'' post, i decided to talk about negativity.Who didn't ever felt it?It's everywhere.Someone else can bring it in our lives or we can create it on ourselves.No matter what i feel that it's something that for sure can affect you and not in a good way,make you feel insecure and miserable.

Motivational Monday #15 : Negativity |

I like the comparison of the negativity with the ship and the sea. I believe that its true that negativity can affect you only if you allow it but sometimes it's quite hard to block it.For example if you feel a little bit down then negativity will catch you i guess.I like to consider myself as a positive person.At least i try to.But sometimes it's too hard to block all the negativity,to don't let it make you sad and miserable.

Motivational Monday #15 : Negativity |

One thing that i guess that can help you deal with negativity,it's positive thoughts.It's hard but you can do it.Just find things,quotes, places,people or whatever which make you feel happy,positive,good with yourself in general and through ''negative moments'' bring them on your mind.Hold tight on them and you will see that negativity,well will not disappear but it will not matter anymore.

Motivational Monday #15 : Negativity |

Second way to deal with negativity,and it's similar i can say with the first one is just keep close and surround yourself with positive people.People who love you,who want the best for you and people who is positive.Negative people,maybe they love you too,but can more harm you than help you.Maybe you feel bad to cut them from your life (trust me i'm one of those people who can't cut out anyone) but in the end will be worth it.Think about that you will do a favor to yourself.It seems kind of bad andd that you don't treat them well,but if you look at it closer you will realize that if you will not do it then you don't treat good yourself.

Motivational Monday #15 : Negativity |

In the end of the day it's up to you.You are the only one who will decide if this curve in you face with go upwards or downwards.If you will be happy of sad.If you leave negativity affect you or if you will block it....

How you deal with negativity?Let me know in the comments below ^_^

Also i will love to hear what do you want to be the subject of the next Motivational Monday post ! !

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)



  1. Hey Afrodite :)!

    Firstly, I am sending a whole bunch of positivity your way ;), letting you know how amazing you are and how wonderful it is to read through your post this morning!

    Secondly, I love the quote you gathered here. The idea that it really is up to you - that is inspiring. I try to remember this all the time. I was told once by a wise teacher, that we have everything we need to be happy right here in this moment: clean air to breath, a beating heart that works every minute of the day, legs to run with, hands to feel with, eyes to see with - maybe a beautiful blue sky above us. There is always something to be happy about if I think about it like this!!!
    Lately I have really been working on my positive thoughts towards other people - trying not to talk negatively or gossip about others, and to believe in the best in everyone. It has been very healing :). I love sharing these inspirations with you Afrodite, it is like learning together :D.

    xX Zoe |

  2. Love these quotes <3
    Nati xx

  3. lifestyletalks.wordpress.comJuly 17, 2015 at 3:16 PM

    Beautiful quotes! I also like the comparison of the negativity with the ship and the sea. It is so true.

  4. So happy that you like them ^_^

  5. So true right?I was fell in love when i saw it :)

  6. You are always so sweet and kind!All your comments really melt my heart <3 ^_^


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