Monday, July 27, 2015

The Sunday Pampering

The Sunday Pampering | @bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Today is Sunday and for me it's a pretty exiting day ! I always come back home from work late in the afternoon so i have plenty time on my hands to treat myself  after a long week and at the same time to get prepared for a new one.So today i will talk about my ''highlights'' during my pampering routine,some little things which help me relax,except taking bath,washing my hair,do my full skincare routine.So let me know in the comments if you want another post about one of those routines and i will be more than happy to make one!

1. Paint my nails !
Because of my work i can't paint my nails anymore.But Mondays i have day off (weird day for day off but whatever) so Sundays i like to paint them and Mondays i paint them off.What a better way to start the week with bright and springy nails!(Right now i type what you read with my white nails haha)

2. Shape my eyebrows !
I don't know about you but this is something that i bored so much to deal with during the week and in general to be honest.But days like these,that i have some more free times i push myself to do that and deal with the new week,at least with nice eyebrows!

3. Exfoliation time !
One of those things that i like to do almost every day.But during the week i want to take showers at fast as i can,so once again Sundays i like to spent quite a lot of time rubbing/exfoliating my skin.Because i want a deep exfoliation i like to use an exfoliation wand.Your skin will be thankful!

4. Moisture my body !
After exfoliation,i like to moisture my skin really well because my pores is open,there is no dead skin so the absorbing is much much easier.For this reasons this is the only day that i  like to use an oil and not a cream.I feel that it's more rich for the skin,and other times i see that it's hard to absorb it,so after exfoliation it's the best.

5. Apply a mask !
I'm so in love with masks.But i like to apply them in the night when i don't have to go out afterwards.So on Sundays i like to apply a mask,which clear my pores and in the middle of the week i choose one for brightness or moisture.

6. Nose strips !
How often do you clear - up your nose?I like to use those strips once a month or every two weeks.Depends how often i see that i need them.I didn't use them so much in the past but now i can see quite a difference in this area of my face.

7. Moisture my face !
For the same reasons,as i explain you on my body moisture,i treat and clear my skin and then i use an oil for moisture.I think that work much better and it's easy  to absorbed by my skin.Oils can be a little bit of messy but i think that worth it.

8. Relax and Sleep early !
Last but not least,the perfect way to end a week and start a new one is by relaxing and try to sleep earlier than other days, so you will be able to full your energy for the next day.What i do,is to turn off all my electronics,grab a book and maybe a cup of tea or milk and just relax.Turn off my mind and sleep as calm as possible.

Why not try to spent a little more time to treat yourself,not only Sunday night,but any night you like and let me know how it was?What do you like to do during your me-time?

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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