Monday, August 3, 2015

Motivational Monday #17 : Self Care

Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

I guess that all of you,and i include myself too on this,we like to treat ourselves,buy nice clothes and shoes,or treat our skin with creams and other stuffs like that?But what about on the inside?How we treat our heart,feelings,mind?I strongly believe that self - care it's something so important and we keep forget about it.At the same time we try to care and love someone else and this is not bad,this is great to care for others but also great it's to take just some minutes every day and spent them on us.So here is some quotes which i found them helpful...

1. Trust your instincts!

Always try to trust your instincts.Even if you can't find a reason to do it,even if it sounds crazy,you should trust this little voice inside you.Just think all those times that you didn't did that.If you feel inside you that something is wrong,probably it is.And even if it's not (which i doubt it),even if your inner voice lead you to mistakes then don't regret it either.Because it's your mistakes,which can be the start of something big and great.

2. Speak your mind!

Maybe it's hard and it takes time but you should try to be confident for your voice and of what you have to say.This is something that i feel so insecure with in the past.I was kind of shy and i didn't speak too much or at least i didn't talk about my thoughts and opinions and i really had too many.I always worried about what will people think of me or what people want to hear from me.But trust me,be a people pleaser never lead you anywhere.Don't afraid to express yourself,or say yes or no.Maybe this can be the way to inspired others to make a right decision or make their life better.

3. Be kind with yourself!

For me kindness is something so important,something that really can make me like someone or not.I think that i talk before about how we should try to be kind to each other but except that it's also good to remember to be kind with yourself too.During bad days,or when you do a mistake or when something bad happen in general,think about that it's okay,don't be hard with yourself...just things can happen,and to blame yourself will not solve any problem.Also can be helpful if we try to protect ourselves from drama and negativity.Perhaps with this way,can make our minds and our hearts positive places and keep them that way.

4. Believe in your dreams ! 

A lot of people will call you a dreamer or they will call your dreams silly but never be like them.Never believe that for yourself or for your dreams.Your dreams are yours,and if you want it you can make them come true.If you don't believe on them,if you don't stand up for them then nobody else will do that.

5. Let it go !

Overthinking and over-analyzing  never solved any problem.And i guess never will.The only thing that can do is to stress you out and making things worst.Sometimes i can't help myself and probably i think that i'm superwoman or something and that i can control and do everything and you know,all these great things,which are amazing but sometimes so not true.So if you are crazy like me,i just want to remind you that it's okay,It's okay that you can't do and control everything,that you make mistakes,that you are not perfect (at least not always,because the most of the times you are for sure).Just take a deep breath and let things happen.

6. Love!

Let your heart filled with love.Not only love for a boy,it can be any kind of love,for a friend,your family,your pets,your work,your flowers,your life....even for yourself.The last one it's the most important.The quote is right.For long time i couldn't exactly believe it or understand it but it's true.If you don't love yourself then probably nobody really will do it.It's something like confidence and self esteem.It's like others can feel it.Like if you don't give love and respect to yourself why somebody else do that! (I really hope all these make sense haha)

What do you think?Do you agree or disagree?Any other idea about self care?I will be more than happy to read all your comments below ^_^

p.s Let me know what do you want to see in my next post,next week ! More here

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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