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Review : Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free

Review : Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free | bubblybeauty135
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After quite long time a new beauty review is here!Probably you don't know it but i was on a hunt for a good bb cream for a really long time.I tried a lot but none of them make me happy,some of them was just cream with a little bit of color,others was sticky and all of those nice things.When i heard that Garnier launched a new bb cream,i said why not,i will try it.And i couldn't be happier.

The Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free is the exact opposite of the previous bb cream by Garnier.The other one,was too much moisturizing for my skin and make it feel and actually be sticky.The new one does exactly what it promise.Mattifies and cover the most of the imperfection,evens skin tone,gives a healthy glow and at the same time protect your skin from the sun with the SPF 20.So not worries to wear an extra product for protection.

Review : Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free | bubblybeauty135

The only quite bad that i have to point out is the package.In the end is like that,in the photo,which will you be thinking that it looks good because you can use as much product you want without wasting it.But no,for some reason it seems that at the moment that you will open the lid the product slowly will start to come off the package.Maybe mine has a problem or something?!

Review : Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free | bubblybeauty135

Other than that is super light-weight but at the same time it gives a lot of coverage,something like light foundation.It reminds me a lot the Infallible 24-h Matte Foundation by L'oreal , but with a little bit lighter consistency .You can easily wear it without powder on the top,it gives a so natural look to you skin,perfect for everyday morning.

Review : Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free | bubblybeauty135

In the photo above i wore it,without anything else on my skin.Also the photo is without any editing,so you will be able to see the result.So matte,but feeling so light on the skin,
As i told you on my review for the Infallible 24h-Matte Foundation by L'oreal,if you have dry skin better stick with their first version,which both products are more moisturizing.If you have oily/combination skin like me,the new improving versions of those products will be just perfect.

Do you tried before this product?Do you like it?Any other bb cream recommendation? 

Hope you like it
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