Monday, August 24, 2015

Motivational Monday #18 : Chasing Dreams

Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Another one Monday is here and i hope that each one of you feel great and ready for another one week.Can you believe it that August almost gone?Where it goes?I really don't have idea...
Time,days,weeks flew away way too fast so we must be sure that we try our best every single day,to reach in the point that we want,to be who we want to be and just fulfilled our dreams!

So here is some quotes,which maybe can motivate you to chase your dreams,no matter what, and work for them until come true...

Sometimes,for some unknown reason we do that to ourselves.We doubt that we can do something,something that looks like that we think about a lot and that we want to do it.Maybe we believe that we will not be good enough.But who really cares.As long as we do something that we love and make us happy,everything is good and bright.We work hard for it and show to everyone and most of all to ourselves that we can do it,and we can make it happen.

Probably you already know that i can't resist to a quote with princesses and crowns on it,looks like that motivate me a little bit more than others.You will achieve nothing if you don't try hard,if you don't keep going during hard times.Because i think that those are the moments that we need to prove to ourselves that this is what we want and no matter what,we will keep trying for the best. 

I think that you can see how much you want something and how much a dream of yours means to you,through times which are hard,busy and just difficult to deal with.Sometimes,no matter how hard you work ,no matter how much you want it,life has other opinion and things goes wrong and maybe sometimes we are disappointed by that.I have been there and i guess still i am.But just remember that there is not only one way to reach your dreams.Maybe it seems that life always throw you out of your ''plans'',but this can happen for the best.Just keep your head up,smile and keep going.

I'm such a procrastinator,so as you can imagine,''later'' is my answer to almost everything.And this is bad,like really bad and i try to fix it slowly.The best time to do what you want to do,is right now,you don't even know what can happen ''later'',Maybe you wait for the right moment,but personally i think that there is never the right moment because we will always think ''oh no there will be another better moment''.We create the moments,and we can make them as good as we want.If we do something which will bring us closer to our dreams,then the moment will be just perfect.

What you think?Let me know in the comments your opinion and if you have any other ''helpful tip'' for the people who try to chase their dreams ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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