Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Face Masks For Acne Skin

Face Masks For Acne Skin | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
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Nothing can make me relax more than applying a mask!!Are you like this too?I think that it's the perfect way to end up a day,calm you down and just pause everything else for a little bit!!

Today i will share with you my two favorite masks,which i use when my skin it's not in the best situation,have some pimple here and there and i just need something to clear it up.I will show you one more pricey option and one more affordable,but overall i'm impress with both of them and with the results on my skin.

Face Masks For Acne Skin | bubblybeauty135

I will start with the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask by Origins.It's a clay mask and contains active charcoal which clear out your pores and any toxins,impurities and makeup you have in your skin.It can be pretty tight when you apply it,in a way that you can't move your face but it feel nice,it doesn't have any strong smell and the only ''bad'' that i can say it's that maybe it is quite difficult to remove it.Afterwards my skin feels super soft,not dry at all and i can tell that my pores and all the areas on my face looks clearer.
I recommend this mask for someone who want a deep cleaning into the pores.Also if you tend to use a lot of makeup,this will help your skin to clear out and breath and you will be sure that it's all clean.

A cheaper alternative to the previous mask is the Tea Tree Oil Face Mask by The Body Shop.As you can tell of my previous posts i'm in love with this range.It contains tea tree oil which make it perfect for blemishes,acne and blackheads.This mask,in comparison with the other,it feels much more gentle,soft,calming and with a cooling effect,because again of the tea tree oil on it.It has stronger smell,the typical smell of tee that all the products of The Body Shop which contain this plant,have.It doesn't bother me,i feel that make the whole ''experience'' more relaxing,something like spa.Also,as well as all the products of this range does,maybe you will feel a little bit of the burning when you will use it,but nothing to worry about.
I recommend this mask especially if you have acne or blackheads and you want to get rid of it.If you have sensitive skin,i will suggest to buy first the single use packet to test it out because of the burning that i said before.

What is your favorite mask??Did you ever tried those before?Let me know what you think in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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