Saturday, December 12, 2015

Wholesalebuying Wishlist

 Wholesalebuying Wishlist | bubblybeauty135

Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Long time no see,so i hope that all of you are more than great and feeling super excited for the holidays!!
Today i have for you a clothing wishlist!It's been a while since my last one so i said why not!!

I pick up the clothes from the WholesaleBuying site!In case you never heard about it before,it's a site,which sell clothes,shoes,accessories,home decorations and even more internationally!!It's a Chinese/Korean wholesale retailer and the products' prices are really low.
What i liked the most on this site is that has a variety on clothing style,which mean that everyone can find something that they like and suit to them and at the same time are super affordable so why not to give them a chance and take a look on the site!!

Wholesalebuying Wishlist | bubblybeauty135

During the winter i live in outfits like the one in the photo!It's so comfortable with leggings,that feels like you wear your pajamas,a feeling that i'm so in love with!Also do i need to mention how cute is this girl on the photo?!I need the whole look in my closet,including those cute leggings with the anchors on them!!

Wholesalebuying Wishlist | bubblybeauty135

I want a clothing piece like that for so long!!I think that can transform every outfit and i was thinking how good will be looking one like this,maybe one with sleeves too,paired with party outfits!!Just love it!!

Wholesalebuying Wishlist | bubblybeauty135

Another one time that i want in my closer so bad lately!A big oversized coat.This in the photo is more like a knitted cardigan,but still looks adorable!

Wholesalebuying Wishlist | bubblybeauty135

Do i need to tell more?!Love this dress and the lace details on it!It looks so cute,femine and chic,and just perfect for this holiday party season!!

Wholesalebuying Wishlist | bubblybeauty135

If anybody told me that you know girl,pick only one type of clothing and fill out your closet then for sure i will be picking blouses!!It's something on their light material,on the thing that can you can wore the both casually and formal,that make me can't say no!!And look at this creamy blouse with the little cute owls on to say no?!You just can't!!

So that was the items that stole my heart!And before saying goodbye to you,i wanted to remind you something,as i did on my other similar with this post,because i feel that it's fair for both you and the site!!Keep in mind that it's a wholesale site,with pretty low prices and it's completely normal,for me at least,to have some hits and misses about the quality of the clothes!!But for sure nothing to be scared of,just take a better look on the photos,on the reviews and on the measurements!!

Do you ever shop from this site?What you think?I will be happy if you let me know in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)
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