Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Goals 2016

Goals 2016 | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^

How are you??

Happy New Year!!!
I hope that you had an amazing time during holidays and you are ready for an awesome year!!A year full of smiles and tears of happiness,filled with people who cares,loves and support you!!

The 2015,let's say that it wasn't my best year and maybe you notice it that i wasn't a lot around here!!I had a lot of mood swings and the most of the time i felt stressed,tired and exhausted...

But i'm really ready to make the most the new year,be a better person and do more of the things that make me happy!!

I even set for myself some goals,which i wish,looking back the next year,be able to check them all off!!

Consistence! I will do my best to post more often,maybe even with a schedule because blogging it's something that i love to do and i want to take it more seriously this year.

Photography! It's something that i'm not so good at it (as you can tell) but i will try to improve it,both on here and instagram (but don't except a feed theme near soon).

Engage! Not sure if this is the right title but i want to be more present on social media,leaving comments on other blogs and try to get closer maybe with other bloggers.

Courage for new things! Put less limits to myself and maybe try out Youtube's waters.I was thinking and wanting that for so long,probably makeup tutorials,but i didn't found the courage yet.Maybe sometimes this year...

Graduate! I don't know how but i must graduate till summer.I will do it somehow *finger cross*

Quit! Sounds funny but i really need it!I don't think that i will be able to keep doing this job for a long time,not another one year.

Happy! Cliche but i want to make the most of 2016.To do more things that make me happy and enjoy myself.

Show love! I want to show more love in the people in my life and show them how much i appreciate them because sometimes i fail at that.I'm overthinking other stuffs,work wise and sometimes forget about them,or seems like i don't care.

In and out! Keep around and close to me,people who make me happy,feel safe and confident.It's hard but worth it.

Read more! Another one cliche,which probably i will be able to do it during summer,in the end of uni.

Give back! I was thinking about it for long time and this year i hope to have the chances,somehow to give back to people,people who need it,who need me.

So those are my goals for the new year and i can tell that it will be a busy one,but happily busy!Maybe you notice that i didn't include something about fitness and healthy's because i always set this goal to myself but i never make it because it's always in the end of my list!But i have it on my mind,so if there is any progress i will make a post about it,if not there is always a next year!!

I will be more than happy if you let me know what are your goals for 2016 and what do you like to see on my blog next ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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