Monday, January 11, 2016

Motivational Monday #22 : Negativity

Motivational Monday : Negativity | bubblybeauty135
Hello Susnhines ^_^
How are you?

Another one Monday,another one week and another one motivational post is here!!You probably know already how much i enjoy writing them,its like therapeutic and sometimes i weirdly caught myself thinking,when will i follow my own advises?!But yeah...I guess it's something that happen to everyone,right?

So today's theme,is negativity!Something,that i can tell you my thoughts about,how i felt it (and still feel it to be honest) and how i deal with it!!

Motivational Monday : Negativity | bubblybeauty135

This is my moto for 2016!!
The 2015 was for sure a tough year.Especially the last months,i was felt so not myself.And it was because of that,because i let negativity get me!
It will sound weird,but if i try to picture my feelings,it felt like i was in a deep hole and no matter what i was doing i was unable to get out!I let everything around me affect me and i couldn't be happy with anything,which make me feel so bad!!I don't even wanted to hang out with other people,all that i was doing was work and sleeping!!

Motivational Monday : Negativity | bubblybeauty135

I think that will always be someone who will be negative,not only to you but to everybody.Someone that it will be negative as a person,with nothing good or nice to say (yep,i have someone in mind as im writing all these things).But this doesn't mean that you should let them get you down,drain out your energy and your happiness!!They choose to be negative,so you can as well to choose happiness and a positive way of life.Just ignore them,close your ears and eyes and just keep going and doing things for yourself,things that make you happy!!

Motivational Monday : Negativity | bubblybeauty135

I always wanted to be that kind of person!The person who told others that everything will be okay and just spread positive vibes around!Sometimes is happens naturally,sometimes i try really hard to stay positive and others just can't happen.I guess it's something about our mindset and for this year i want to try to be more of this kind of person.For this inspired me a girl that i met recently.It was unreal the good energy that this person had all the time!!Always with a big smile,with something nice to tell you...She is a real bubbly beauty!

Motivational Monday : Negativity | bubblybeauty135

In order to make those little changes on my mindset and on the way that i see things around me i decided to focus on the things that make me happy and confident!If you feel down or even in this dark hole maybe you will be thinking right now that nothing can make you happy but this is so not true.Try to go a little bit behind,try to think what makes you laugh the last days,weeks,year and just repeat it!What you enjoy most to do?
This was the reason that i create my blog!Through dark days i wanted something to focus,something positive,so i combined my love for beauty and makeup (which didn't see a lot lately but it will be back) and writing!!I was thinking,why not creating a positive place for me and for others too,so we can visit it and just for a little bit,keep all the problems and negativity out of our minds!!

So i will leave you with that,you are must better from negativity,you deserve more that you think,keep it out of your mind and life and stay focus on the things that make you smile ^_^

A quick reminder that im always here,for any of you if you want to talk about anything,if you don't have anyone else,i will always be right here ready to hear you!!

I will be very happy to share with me in the comments below anything that can make you smile!!Maybe you can inspire someone to find their happiness <3

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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