Friday, January 15, 2016

My Nude Lips

Nude Lips | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

After long time,finally a beauty related post!!
I wasn't sure about this post because i thought that maybe it's a little bit too much a whole post about only one single lipstick.But then i said that for a fun of bold lips,like myself,it's quite of a big deal to fell in love with a lipstick in nude shade!!

In case you aren't follow me on Instagram (i wonder why?!),you may not know that i love bold lips.I find it so fun to put some color there and just give a little bit of something in the simplest look.But since i wanted lately to experiment more with my makeup and especially on my eyes,with different eyeshadows and bolder looks i was in need for something nude on my lips,and surprisingly i didn't own anything like that!!

So after some failures,with lipsticks that made me look like dead or like i did't have lips or in general that something weird going on there i finally found the perfect one,for me at least!It's the Color Riche Matte by L'oreal in the shade 640 Erotique!The first thing that catch my eyes was the fact that it's matte!It applied on the lips super smooth and it stays like that for a lot of hours,without dry out your lips.Even though the smoothness,stays in place without moving all around your lips.

For some reason,and no matter the editing,you can't tell on the first photo exactly the color of the tube!It's a pretty brownish pink color,not too light so doesn't wash out your face and not too dark so still count as a nude!Although that it's matte,it's pigmented without the need to drag it on your lips in order to apply it!

Nude Lips | bubblybeauty135

Last,but not least,i want to mention that has a slightly scent!I know that some people don't like that but i actually like this scent!Not sure how to describe it!When i smell it comes in my mind makeup,something that my grandma used to wear,probably like a cream or something like that!(I read again this paragraph and it feels weird...but it's the i guess it's okay).

So yeah,that was everything that i had to tell about ''my nude lips''!!It was quite a short post but i wanted to let you know,because for me was quite hard to find a nice nude shade!!

I love to know what do you want to see next on my blog!!Will you be interested to see more swatches of this range?

Which is your favorite nude lipstick?Let me know in the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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