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Dramatic Valentine's Makeup Look

Dramatic Valentine's Day Makeup Look | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

Before some days i show you a soft makeup look for Valentine's day and i hope that you enjoyed it!!With the same hope,i create a more dramatic and darker look,perfect if you have Valentine's night plans with your love or maybe if you will go out for drinks or something with your friends!Whatever you will plan,pick a good company,have fun and make yourself happy!!

Dramatic Valentine's Day Makeup Look | bubblybeauty135

Starting with the face,i used the Infallible 24h - Matte Foundation by L'oreal in the shade 22 radiant beige and the Fit Me concealer by Maybelline in the shade 25!If you don't use those products already,you should do it and i'm sure that you will fell in love with them as i did!For the foundation i already did a review,so quickly i tell you that both of those products are full coverage,last for long time and blend easily on the skin!As a powder and bronzer i used the sames with my previous makeup look,the All In One Face Base by The Body Shop in the shade 045 and the L'oreal Glam Bronze Mono in the shade 06 Golden Bronze!I skipped the blush because anyways i'm not the biggest fan and for the eyebrows i use again the Artist Shaper by L'oreal in the shade Dark Brunette!

Dramatic Valentine's Day Makeup Look | bubblybeauty135

Moving to the eyes,i use the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced!In case that you don't already follow me on instagram (i wonder why?!) i bought that palette quite recently and i'm so in love!(expect soon a review with swatches)
I couldn't wait to create a makeup look for you,so here it is!As a transition color,i used the shade Amaretto,a brownish color with tiny shimmers on it!I applied it exactly on my crease and blended it really well,and this is the color that will help you to blend everything together later!Then i pick up the shade Cherry Cordial,a gorgeous plum-y color, and i move the brush from the outer corner of my eye to the inner!You can go back and forth and built up your color until you have the result that you will like!You end up with a ''blank'' space in the middle on your eyes,leave it like that and we will fill it later!
I wanted to add a little bit more depth to my eyes by using the shade Black Forest Truffle,a brownish color with gold shimmers on it!I applied it on my outer corner of my eyes,in a v shape and i tried to concentrate on my corner of my eyes and not move it around!After,with a clean fluffy brush you blend your eyeshadows together,to blend any harsh lines!Last but not least,in the middle part of the eyes,i applied the shade Strawberry Bon Bon,a matte light pink shade,which sadly can't tell from the photos but it's there and slightly bright up the eyes!In the corner of the eyes and under my eyebrow i used the shade Champagne Truffle,a shimmery pinkish highlighting color!
On my lashes i used the Better Than Sex by Too Faced and the Hypnose Drama by Lancome!I have the sample size for both of them and i really love them!The combination make my lashes like they are falsies!Probably you already know that both of them are quite on the pricey side (this is a reason that i don't have yet the full size of them) but if you want my personal suggestion between those too,i will tell you to invest on the Lancome will make your lashes look unreal!The Too Faced one,it's obviously not bad,just still quite natural for my taste!
I didn't add any eyeliner because i didn't liked the idea of a black one,but if you want to use i suggest a brown one!

On my lips,to keep up with this plumy theme and to emphasize it a little bit more i used the Color Crush lipstick by the Body Shop in the shade 340!This is the first lipstick that i tried from The body Shop and i really like it!It's matte but at the same time it feels moisture on the lips,pay off the color very good and last for long time without dry out the lips!Let me know if you want a review about them!I could check out more shades and happily make one for you if you are interested! 

What do you think about the look?What makeup look do you plan to wear for this day?I will love to read all your opinion below!!Also let me know what do you want to see next ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)

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