Monday, February 8, 2016

Motivational Monday #23 : First Love Yourself

Motivational Monday : First Love Yourself | bubblybeauty135
Hello Sunshines ^_^
How are you?

It's time for the Motivational Monday post and because Valentine's day it's around the corner,i wanted the subject of this post to be something around it,something for both single and on relationship people!And as i was thinking this pop in my mind...

I guess we all want,or at least the most of us,someone in our lives,someone special,who will treat us as princesses,will make us feel special and loved,will make us smile...and that's great!But i was wondering...Doesn't supposed to love ourselves first?

Back to my high school years,let's say that i wasn't the most confident person!I wasn't interested about boys a lot and relationships and these kind of things,but ofcourse i didn't say no to a little bit of attention from them...thing that never happen! (or at least not at that moment)
It was around that time that i was started to close more to myself,spending more time on the internet,and one day a quote pop up on my screen!I don't remember what it said exactly,but it was about confidence,and how it comes from the inside and that we must learn to love what we see everyday on our mirror in order others love us too!!And let me tell you that change everything...
Didn't happened over night,it was a slowly transition...
Surprisingly,as silly as it sounds,even after years i still remember it,how affect me,my mood and my feelings toward myself... 

Motivational Monday : First Love Yourself | bubblybeauty135

People come and go from our lives,but there is one that is always there,every single minute,and that!If you are not able to love and respect yourself,how do you have the expectations someone else to do it?Somehow i believe that we reflect the feelings toward ourselves to others.No matter how much makeup we put on and how much our eyebrows are on fleek,if we see ourselves as ugly ones,this is what others will see too!The same way that we send signals to others,when we like them,when we try to keep them away,the same happens with our feelings!

Motivational Monday : First Love Yourself | bubblybeauty135

I'm sure that all of you,saw before around internet the image which says ''Let's get lost together''!!Don't get me wrong but who doesn't want that,to get lost in an tropical island with their love or their life!
But before that happens,why not take some time to find yourself,the real you,maybe chit chat a little and realize how amazing you are and how lucky will be the person that you will choose to have next to you! 

Motivational Monday : First Love Yourself | bubblybeauty135

Sometimes we are hard with ourselves,we push ourselves every day and that's great at one point,because we try to achieve everything that we want and be better than yesterday!But when something doesn't go as we want,that's great too!We try,we do the best that we can and if that isn't enough,we always have the day after,or the week,or the month!Everything will come in time,the day that our dreams will be fulfilled,will travel around the world...or the big love will knock our door!!

Motivational Monday : First Love Yourself | bubblybeauty135
I'm not gonna lie,achieved self confidence it's hard and challenging but you deserve it,everyone does and...yes,you owe it to yourself!You owe to yourself to be happy and confident and smiley!So try this...inhale...exhale...
And everything will turn out perfectly....

Have an awesome Valentine's day,no matter what your plans are!

Also i will love to share with me what you love the most about yourself...Let's start this confidence journey right the comments below ^_^

Hope you like it
Keep Smile :)


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